Baked Scallops Day

I would cut off my arm for scallops. They are my most favorite seafood and potentially my most favorite food ever. I love them. I get jazzed when I get to eat them. So when I saw that today had the potential to be Baked Scallops Day I knew it would be a good day.

And better yet, I’m home. Which means I don’t have to be responsible for cooking said scallops. My mom made them for dinner tonight and let me tell you they were just delightful.

A pan of buttery, lemony, scallopy goodness.

If you aren’t a seafood person, then we probably won’t be best friends. I’m sorry, it’s just how it is. If you haven’t had scallops I’m totally not judging you, but you should have some immediately.

Today is also Genealogy Day. I’ve mentioned some family names and what not previously on here, but I’ve never told you the best part of my family genealogy. I’m my own cousin.

Let it process…….

I’m my own cousin. It’s true. I am. Let me explain.


Elizabeth Bowling and John P. Bowling were brother and sister and my family stems from them. Things are weird. My mom loves genealogy. She was up late one night figuring out family lines and all the sudden she realized that she and my dad were cousins. She woke him up in the middle of the night and declared them cousins. It was hilarious. So now I’m my own cousin. Cool. Interesting fact for group situations.


Cousin Kate


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  1. Lady, you never cease to amaze. No wonder you have such a fun, unique perspective – it’s in your genes! 😉

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