Are you the lemon?

There are two holidays today. Fanny Pack Day and L. Ron Hubbard Day. I’ll start with Fanny Pack Day.

I don’t own a fanny pack, actually that is a lie I do. When I was in high school, North Face fanny packs were super popular. Anybody who was everybody had one of these. We carried them sort of as purses. We wore them crossbody and thought we were hot stuff.


It was even cooler when someone got a really cool color that was hard to find. But let’s call this fashion what it was. We loved fanny packs. I admit it. We were weirdos. I still have said fanny pack, mine was navy, and the more I think about it the more I remember how darn convenient they were. Perhaps I shall use my fanny pack as an edgy crossbody purse. Or not.

Celebrating these holidays makes you aware of interesting things throughout the day.  Like today, I woke up for church, completely ready to go to church without finding Celebrationist related things. I was wrong. I look across the sanctuary and what….what’s that I see? A man with, (gasp) could it be, a fanny pack on! I do not live in Branson. I do not reside in Disneyworld. I do not live in 1994.  But there standing before me, was a man with a black leather fanny pack. I lean to my mom and ask her what she sees. She laughs and concurs. It was a magic sight. And on Fanny Pack Day no less! I was nothing short of jazzed!

And now L. Ron Hubbard Day. If you didn’t know L. Ron Hubbard was an author of science fiction novels, that stemmed into an outrageous belief system. I’m not here to judge, but things got weird real quick. One of my most favorite comedians comments on Scientology. Enjoy.

I lose it when he says sandpaper pants. I want to be best friends with Dana Carvey. Do you think he would be friends with me? The odds seem totally in my favor.

I actually picked L. Ron Hubbard Day for the sole purpose of having a reason to show that Dana Carvey clip. Great decision!

On an unrelated note, I’m taking The Celebrationist on the road. I’m headed to LA. My friend Melissa lives there and I’m going to spend some days with her. She is acting and what not and she is just precious. And I get to see my cool friend Wes too!

That's Melissa in the middle, right before she moved away from us...

This is probably 3 years old. We were just whippersnappers.

Fun fact, my eyes always do that. I have the worst red-eye ever. I’m half robot, shhhh!

So I’ll be celebrating in LA until Friday! And I have the greatest luck in the world. On Friday, when I’ll be in an airport flying home, I will be celebrating Awkward Moments Day. It is the best possible place to celebrate that specific day. I can’t wait.


Fanny Pack Fashionista/A robot.



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2 responses to “Are you the lemon?

  1. You’ll have at least a few hours on the plane for reading, so here’s some material on Scientology from the New Yorker for your research files.

    Outrageously weird. But oh-my-gosh fascinating. Dana’s not far off the mark with his vats of warm chocolate pudding and squatting monkeys.

  2. I think an airport might be one of the best places to celebrate “Awkward Moments Day”. Have a great time; I’m looking forward to your report!

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