Today is Pi Day and Celebrate Science Day! It’s also the day that I got to LA. We have eaten incredibly well. I had the best fish tacos my taste-buds had ever laid eyes on. LA is just delightful. Melissa is a great host. I’m so glad that I’m not driving here. My hands get sweaty, they’ve been doing that recently for various reasons.

But I love Pi Day. I celebrated thrice today. This morning in the Denver airport, I went to the Wolfgang Puck restaurant for breakfast. I had a breakfast pizza PIE. Four cheeses, scrambled eggs, chives and more bacon than I knew what to do with made for a glorious appreciation.

I finally got to LA. I am waiting for my suitcase, that is entirely too large for a four-day vacation, to come down the ramp. The thing was none of the bags were coming down the ramp. I wait and wait and nothing happens. Finally a lady comes on the speakers and says that the door to the luggage hold in the plane is jammed. I finally get my bag and Melissa and I hug for hours. I haven’t seen her in person for over 6 months. It was glorious to be reunited.

We are en route to lunch and there is a guy walking across the street with a pi shirt on! Melissa rolled the window down to try to yell at him and I tried to take his picture, neither endeavor was successful. I love seeing other enthusiasts.

And then at dinner we ate Thai food. I heart Thai food. There was a wonderful dessert called banana pie. We had to get the banana pie. Our waiter was absolutely amazing. We told him it was Pi(e) Day and he went above and beyond to help us celebrate!

That's coconut ice cream and a banana pastry situation.

My hair pulled back is not my best decision.

In the category of Celebrate Science Day I was on a plane, and if that’s not celebrating science I don’t know what is. Today amidst my celebrations I was flying on a plane. I love LOVE flying. I always want to have a really great seat buddy. And today I had the greatest seat buddy! Troy of Colorado was wonderful. We had really great conversations. Things I walked away knowing: drumline is the most intense thing ever, I need to go Mexico on vacation and Troy loves loves loves his family! I had such a great time getting to have awesome conversation. Thanks Troy for making Denver to LA a lot better!



PS: One of Melissa’s friends read my post from Fanny Pack Day out loud to me. It was weird and awkward. Thanks Parker.



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3 responses to “pie.14

  1. stbdds

    My celebration of science day = the irony of the street sign picture over your shoulder in relation to the circular nature of this foreign 3.1415 concept…

  2. Troy Lynette

    I’m the one who had the best “Seat Buddy”. 😉 You’re an awesome, uplifting woman, Kate! Take care, and God Bless!

  3. I LOVE that your waiter helped you celebrate – so cool!

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