And these are my confessions…

Just when I said all I can say my chick on the side said she got one on the way. Well that’s Ushers confession, not mine. But quoting Usher never does me wrong.

So today is True Confessions Day. That’s sort of a personal question. I feel like the holiday is trying to find out my secrets, not that I have any.

But I’m currently in Santa Monica blogging on the WordPress iPhone app. Go technology!

But I will try to confess a few things.

1. I gave my number to a stranger in an airport one time.
2. “You have a sexy secretary senior pic in your house.”– one of my friends currently with me.
3. I have never broken any major law.
4. I have crossed something off my bucket list that I never thought I would. And it was awesome.
5. I love blank paper.
6. I am really excited about my next year of life.

I know this is super short. I’m on vacation. Give me a break. I’ll try harder tomorrow. And I’ll try particularly hard on Friday it’s Awkward Moments Day and I’m jazzed.

I’ll try and post some pictures from my adventures later tonight. Off to Hollywood Boulevard.

I could get used to blogging from Beverly Hills.




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2 responses to “And these are my confessions…

  1. beckb armstrong

    Hollywood Blvd! The last time we were there a random dracula crossed the street at midnight. Jack and Ellen were young children and confused. Ree was the first one to show me Hollywood blvd. Remember to take pictures!! Love Aunt Becky

  2. What was your #4? (Bucket list accomplishment)

    I was once the suspect in an armed robbery. No lie. The best part? I was at church when it happened. Seriously. I can’t make this stuff up.

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