Lip Appreciation.

I love lip gloss, lip stain, lip stick, lip anything. At any given time I have around 4 lipsticks in my purse. I knew that Lip Appreciation Day was going to be a blast.

Melissa took us to The Grove today. It’s an awesome shopping area around here and we had a blast. Well, in Nordstrom I decided that I should probably buy some new lip stick in honor of the celebration of the day. Little did I know my world was about to be rocked.

I met the most wonderful guy that worked at MAC. His name was Michael and he was amazing and sold me some new lip gloss/lip stain that I absolutely adore. It’s called Scandelicious. It’s pretty.

So Scandelicious.

He told me all about awesome new lipsticks and cool charities that they donate to. I was just in heaven.

MAC doesn't take any profit from the pink tube lipsticks. It all goes to a charity!

This is my new lip gloss!

I like it very very much.

I am pro bright loud lipstick colors. I don’t really own a neutral color.

And my friend Andy and I sort of have a strange thing we do anytime we eat somewhere together. I always put on lipstick of some kind and I always kiss Andy’s receipt that he leaves on the table. I secretly hope that whenever the waiter/waitress finds it they are assume that Andy wear lip gloss.

So there’s that. I love my lips(ticks).



PS: This was yesterday when Wes drove us up this mountain/hill while Melissa had a class!

....I wanna stand with you on a mountain....



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2 responses to “Lip Appreciation.

  1. I’m not normally a huge lipstick person, but MAC has a cool promotion! For every 6 (I’m fairly sure it’s 6. I know – such an odd, yet even, number, but I’m still set that it’s 6) empty MAC containers you bring in (anything, seriously – eyeliner, eye shadow, blush, whatever) they will give you a FREE lipstick! Such a sweet deal.

  2. I laughed about that funny tradition of kissing your friend’s receipt. I love stuff like that!!

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