Luck of the Irish.

Green is great. And pots of gold are awesome. And shamrocks are lucky. And this holiday is wonderful! I just so jazzed to be celebrating one of favorites in this really great city. I am wearing a really great green dress and I’m reminiscing about the days of yor when I used to watch Luck of the Irish on the Disney channel. It was a strange tale of potato chip conglomerates and family ties. What a good plot line!

Anyway, I’m blogging early today because I’m not going to be back to a computer before midnight. We are headed to an Irish pub tonight, and that doesn’t seem like a blog friendly zone. So today we went driving around Beverly Hills. It was beautiful and I can totally afford to shop at all the places on Rodeo Drive. Here are some pictures from my afternoon of glory.


A green cake at lunch today!

nbd, we saw a Bugatti.


Fun fact, although no one will believe me, I saw an orange Bugatti in Norman, Oklahoma a few years ago. That’s a true story. I have other witnesses.


Even Jesus made an appearance.

So I googled some interesting about this glorious day. Here’s what I got.

“Some of this lore includes the belief that Patrick raised people from the dead. He also is said to have given a sermon from a hilltop that drove all the snakes from Ireland. Of course, no snakes were ever native to Ireland, and some people think this is a metaphor for the conversion of the pagans.” — Stolen from an EXTREMELY accurate website.


It was a wonderful day filled with giant houses and expensive stores and green everywhere. I loved it. I can’t wait for tonight. I’m sure I’ll take pictures of all of the Irish glory. I’ll update this post later hopefully. I hope that you are having a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day and that you are drinking an Irish beer of sorts. Or a green beer of some kind.


Searching for a pot of gold…. and clovers… and a box of lucky charms.



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3 responses to “Luck of the Irish.

  1. Barbara Kane

    Yes you are wearing a great dress…..I had nothing to wear today and am quite sure from your comment that I will never see that great green dress again!

  2. Taylor Tompkins

    Hey Kate! I came across your blog and saw you were in LA! It made me laugh because I see “Jesus” on a weekly basis. I don’t know how he does it, but that man is EVERYWHERE.

    • Um, isn’t that his gig. Like, to be everywhere, at all times, knowing everything? You know, son of G-d, miracles, all that…


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