Awkward moments.

Well it’s Awkward Moments Day and I’m here in the Denver airport blogging from my phone (if anyone wants to send me an iPad I will gladly send you my address). We have a layover and a delay in Denver, which means I don’t get home till after midnight, but you get to hear all about my awkwardness.

I started off the morning in an airport shuttle sitting in a separate alone seat. Not talking to my friends because their was a strange lady also in the van. I rode in silence. I have a really wonderful picture of me in said shuttle but alas I’m not on my computer to upload pictures. If only I had an iPad.

And I know I said I would post pictures from my St. Patrick’s celebrations yesterday, but I didn’t take a single picture after I blogged. But my dear friend Melissa surprised me with tickets to an Upright Citizens Brigade show. One of the groups performing was Good Neighbor Stuff. They are the ones responsible for the YouTube videos For the Lakers and I Think My Roommate’s Gay. I was jazzed to say the least.

Anyway, I’m in the airport. I walk into a book store to pass all of this time I have in perhaps my least favorite of airports. The man running the shop immediately catches my attention.

Have you ever played that game where you try and tap a pen in-between all your fingers? He was going that. Loudly. On the counter. A small boy asks him where something was. The kid goes the wrong direction in the store. The man yells, “hey you in the hat, over there.”

He makes his way around the store asking various people if they found anything or if they needed any help. And then he gets to me. I waited in the bookstore just so this could happen. This was it, my awkward moment of the day.

I’m looking at books in the humor section. He comes up to me on the other side of the book case. There is a sign that sticks up that reads HUMOR. It just so happens to cover his entire face except his eyes. He asks, “find anything good?” “Oh, just some humor books.” “Cool. Those are good. Let me know if you find something you can’t live without.”

And then he walks up to Jordan. He says, “hey captain, what did you find?” I have no idea what else he said because I was laughing so hard.

I know these events don’t sound as amazingly awkward as they were experiencing them. His mannerisms and tone of voice were just so so off. He made awkward moments day a great success.

Developing Arthritis from typing on my phone.

PS: I bet I look like I’m sending one hell of a text message right now.



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4 responses to “Awkward moments.

  1. 1) I’ve never been to the Denver airport, but Laguardia is one of my least favorites.

    2) I had a funny/bizarre/awkward moment today, too!

    3) People must think you are a texting fool. You are paying it forward on Awkward Moment Day. 😉

  2. Will

    Kids read this blog – you can’t say “hell.”

  3. Wools

    Upright Citizens Brigade played a show here a few months ago! Get “Jazzed,” they’re hilarious!

  4. Your Concerned Sister

    1- Denver is the best airport ever. Probably my favorite actually.

    2- You can’t say ‘hell’ Granny reads this! I read this! No! You need sleep, not blog acceptable!

    3- No one is probably judging you for texting. You could be on a website, or you could be texting multiple people.

    4- I miss you & I can’t wait until we are both home!!

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