Poultry Day

Well it’s Poultry Day. It’s kind of a boring day. I mean a celebration of edible birds, not too fancy.

My little brother Tom Beard only eats chicken. And by only, I mean ONLY. So tonight while I was eating scallops and orzo Tom Beard was eating his specialty.

So I didn’t technically I didn’t eat chicken, but Tom Beard did and he rules. And my friends ate chicken at Sonic so everyone was eating chicken!

Tom Beard.

If you don't know what Sonic is, I'm sorry. It's a magical land of fast food.

This is really short today and I apologize. But I went to dinner and ate a large amount of food and then went into a food coma and sort of fell asleep when I went home….deal with it.

And it’s Let’s Laugh Day. I feel like the holiday is forcing me to laugh but whatever, it’s not like the holiday is forcing me to rob someone.

So here are some things I laughed at today:

1. SNL that is currently on TV.
2. My Aunt Becky quoting all the lines to Arthur at dinner.
3. Brittany and Taylor in the car at Sonic.

I also feel obligated to tell you a funny story. One time, on a first date, I closed the door to the car three different times when leaving. It was really awkward, it could have qualified for Awkward Moments Day yesterday. But it’s fun to laugh about now.  I got out of the car. Left my phone on the seat. Opened the door. Got my phone. Closed the door. It didn’t shut all the way. Had to open the door yet again. Closed the door for the third time and walked away. It was strange. But I always laugh when I retell it.


Not the best blog I’ve ever written….. sorry.

PS: Here is my awkward picture from yesterday.

Just me. In the back of the van. Cool.


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