Corndogs and Alex

I love corndogs. So naturally, Corndog Day was right up my alley. If I am ever attending any fair of sorts a foot long corndog will clearly be consumed. So today,  I headed to Sonic. And better yet, Alex was in town. I haven’t seen Alex since Christmas Break. We talk on a daily basis, but we live 4 hours apart and don’t get to see each other too terribly often. But Alex loves corndogs as much as I do. She was the best person to celebrate with.

I went and picked her up, which is normal because she doesn’t like to drive. And I always fetch her. So I get Alex and we go through our normal nonsense. Which entails updating each other on the events of the past however long and discussing any business that may have conspired recently.

Alex and I always have something to discuss. Always. It’s always something particularly interesting. Because we are interesting. Or at least we think so.

So we head to Sonic. And corndogs were purchased. The only condiment to eat on a corndog is mustard. There just aren’t other options. We also quickly discovered that there is no good way to photograph yourself eating a corndog. It’s awkward. Real awkward. But this was the best we could do.

Oh hi Alex. I like your new red hair.

And her red hair doesn’t look red, but it’s very red and very pretty.

Hi my name is Kate and I'm awkward.

Corndog pictures are just generally suggestive. It’s not their fault. They are just a delicious fried treat. But here we are being especially uncomfortable.



So there’s that. Corndog Day. Done and done.

Now I need your help. I know I’ve asked before, but the day is drawing nearer. I need your suggestions for Make Up Your Own Holiday Day. My intention is to pick my favorite 5 and have a poll here for you to decide what I celebrate. So I’m begging you, please please please leave me your suggestion. I just need a lot to choose from. And I want it to be a great celebration. So leave a suggestion, that’s all I ask.


Kate and Alex Pom, look it up.



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3 responses to “Corndogs and Alex

  1. Will

    I suggest:

    1. Write a blog day
    2. Ice cream in a dish day
    3. Call an old friend day (not old as in age but length of time since last conversation)
    4. Stay up all night day
    5. Walk a dog day
    6. Eat at a restaurant that you’ve never been to in the city where you live Day

  2. 1. Make somebody’s day Day. (Random act of kindness kind of thing.)
    2. Wear your cutest outfit Day. (I love this! I mean, when you wear your cutest outfit, isn’t it a great day already?)
    3. Surprise your favorite former teacher Day. (Teachers need more love!)
    4. Buy the toy you always wanted and never got Day. (I’ll be on eBay looking for Weebles. Your two aunts had them but I was considered too “old.” My life is not the same for not having had Weebles.)
    5. Write a secret love letter day. (I did this once in college and it was INSANELY thrilling. I still to this day wonder what he thought of it and if he suspected it came from me.)

  3. Sarah

    make your own infomercial day
    buy a stranger lunch day

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