Spring Fairy Fun Day

I’m going to be real honest. I have no idea what this day is about. I saw that it was an option for celebrating and I thought it sounded cute and fun. So here we are, celebrating something I have no idea about. But I committed to the celebration, regardless of my lack of knowledge.

I tried to find all the spring related things I could today. I wore my favorite pink skirt. It was 75 degrees outside. I had sandals on. I listened to songs on the way back to Norman that reminded me of high school. It was glorious. Not that those things are directly spring related, but they put me in a good mood. And spring is all about good moods. I assume.

So I listened to Patrick Park. My friend Emily gave me a burned Patrick Park CD when we were making up, I mean totally being scientific when working on a project for my chemistry class. Since then, I’ve been in love. It put me in even more of a, “hooray it’s spring!” mood.

AND! The most spring fairy fun part of today is that one of my dear friends got engaged! Toni is the coolest and I am so so happy for her.

So so happy for her!

She and her fiance Rowdy have the cutest story ever. They met at a bike shop, cycles that is, and now they are engaged! She was kind enough to let me blog about her happiness! This was clearly the best celebration for Spring Fairy Fun Day.

I have the greatest friends of all time. How about of all time?

Spring Fairy Fun Day was a great success. And I don’t even know what I was actually supposed to be celebrating. But I do know that I love the spring. Almost as much as I love the fall. Fall is my most favorite, but spring is favorite too, just not as much favorite.

One of the best parts of this time of year is the fact that daffodils bloom. They all of the sudden appear and then all of the sudden they are gone. And it’s always a surprise where they will be. They pop up in the most obscure places. It’s like a spring surprise.

I feel like spring is largely a time of rush before summer and before the end of the school year. Well, this year I had my last spring break. And I’m getting ready to be done with school forever and ever, don’t get me wrong I’m jazzed, but it’s slightly daunting. I feel like I need to get some stuff done before summer. They aren’t particularly important things, just things I want to happen.

Things I want to accomplish this spring:

1. Get a job.
2. Go skydiving.
3. Grow my hair out.
4. Be a frequent gym attender.
5. Check a couple more things off my bucket list.
6. Brush up on my Disney movie knowledge in preparation for my Disney World Family Vacation.
7. Find killer shoes to wear with my super hot graduation gown.
8. Visit the Oklahoma City Museum of Art
9. See a musical. (If you know of one in the OKC area let me know!)

I am thrilled for the next several months. It marks the last several months of college and being in Norman. Who knows what large adventures I’ll be going on post-May? I guess I’ll just go where the wind takes me. That’s not to say I’m not terrified. It’s risky. But good risky. I’m pleased with the amount of risk.


Risky Business



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4 responses to “Spring Fairy Fun Day

  1. Mom

    Voting for no sky diving….

  2. Sister Abby

    play whole game, get whole snow cone. play half game, get whole snow cone. i’d rather play half, i’d rather play half game!

    • Aunt Barbara

      Oh Abby you took the words right out of my mouth! I haven’t laughed that hard in a LONG time…..Okay at lunch on Sunday when I told Kate I was “telling Damma” I laughed really hard and earlier that day when I gave Beth a compliment by telling her she looked like me!!

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