International Day of the Seal

There are lots of options for what this day could mean. Wax seals. Navy Seals. Embossed seals. Seals that are just basically stickers. Or the animal variety seals. The animal variety is actually what this day is all about. I researched, via Wikipedia, what this day was in honor of and this is what I found.

“In 1982 Congress declared an International Day of the Seal to draw attention to the cruelty of seal hunts and the virtual inevitability of these creatures’ extinction. Zoos and aquariums around the world observe this day with special programs and activities.”

Who knew?

However, I have an issue with the wording of this holiday. International Day of the Seal. That’s real specific. I imagine in my strange brain that there is an Oceanic Olympic Games dedicated to the selection of The Seal. Seals from all around would train for the big event and compete doing seal like things for the championship. The Rocky theme would play. The girl seals would swoon over the super seal athletes. And then The Seal would be selected. Hooray!! Said seal would have to assume all the usual duties of The Seal. Which would be probably just be the same thing that Miss America has to do. You know, like kindergarten class visits and what not. Well that joke went impossibly too far. Sorry everyone.

But seriously, there are lots of seals in your daily life. I mean just today I bet you did your Navy Seal workout training. I know I did. That’s why I’m in perfect shape.

There's a better chance I'll be an actual seal than a Navy Seal.

One species of seal.

I thought that was a funny pic. And then I went on a ‘look for hilarious seal pictures’ rampage. Good news! You get to reap the benefits of my seal searching. Haha seal searching. It’s like soul-searching, but with seals.

You like frilly toothpicks? You're in the club.

That seal drawing has to be one of the poorest seal drawings of all time.

Saul was always ridiculed for his ability to walk upright.

I’ve got seal jokes. Kind of.

Now for wax seals. Ever since I was little I have wanted a wax sealing kit. Hobby Lobby has them and I still to this day try to convince myself that I would have a use for it. Because clearly, I would be scribing brilliant letters with my calligraphy pen and then sealing them with wax in my homemade envelopes. Fun fact: I also wanted a calligraphy pen.

The best wax sealing scene in a movie is in Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. Gandalf seals the ring into a homemade envelope and says “Keep it Secret! Keep it Safe!” My Lord of the Rings trivia is fairly proficient. Well there’s that. All the seals I’ve got.


Looking for Oceanic Olympic Games tickets.

PS: Here is an update on Make Up Your Own Holiday Day. I have some pretty good choices so far, but keep them coming! Here’s what I’m dealing with thus far:

Make Your Own Infomercial Day (I am a terrible shoe organizer)
Write a Secret Love Letter Day (probably wouldn’t be too much of a secret)
Eat at a Restaurant You’ve Never Been to Day (going to be a challenge)
Blind Date Day (I love awkward moments)
Quickfire Challenge Day (5 ingredients, I have 1 hour to make a meal)
Justin Beiber Day (I have a slight case of the fever)
Thrift Store Day (I’m totally thrifty)
Watch Brendan Fraser’s Lowest Rate Films Day (I have been wanting to watch The Mummy)

Give me some more suggestions!



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