Houdini Guy

Today is Harry Houdini’s birthday and it’s my friend Jeremy Guy’s birthday. They are practically the same person, so I figured Jeremy’s birthday would be magical enough of a celebration.

Jeremy’s girlfriend is one of my closest friends and she threw Jeremy the greatest surprise birthday of all time. She rented a bounce house, got pizza, twizzlers, cupcakes, fruit, drinks and just general awesomeness. I hadn’t been to a birthday party that awesome since I was 6. It was a great day. I got to bounce in the bounce house and I got pizza and I got candy and my mom let me have as much as I wanted. I loved it.

So here are some pictures from the best celebration of all time.

A feast fit for a 5-year-old.

Jeremy was so surprised and so jazzed.

Jeremy gave out hugs as party favors.

One of my favorite pictures of all time.

Jeremy and Katie love each other.

Bounce House!!

I had a blast. Katie was so great to do this for Jeremy and he was just jazzed. And right as I was leaving, Jeremy left me with this gem of a video interview. He had his reservations about my including it, but he decided that it was the best thing for him….and this blog.

Now, I have a poll going for what I’m going to celebrate on Saturday for Make Up Your Own Holiday Day. Please vote. Vote according to your heart, or whatever you think would be most hilarious. Please see the post previous to this one for an outline of each potential holiday.

So there’s that. Get to voting.


Cut in half.


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