The Poll


I am posting the poll for the Make Up Your Own Holiday Day. Please vote according to what your soul tells you. Feel free to choose other if you think you have a better idea. I’m open to any and all suggestions, as long as they aren’t illegal, pet related, or sweaty.

These are the days I think would be the most fun to celebrate. I’ll give you my take on all the suggestions and then you vote. Go democracy!

Blind Date Day: This sounds like it would be the most hilarious. However, I have some serious reservations. This would put some of my friends into a real tight spot. I don’t want them to have to find me a blind date. But it would be hilarious. I would probably take his picture on said date. Things could get awkward.

Make Your Own Infomercial Day: Being in an infomercial is one of my dreams. I’m sure I could come up with something hilarious. But it might require video editing and I am far from a professional video editor.

Write a Secret Love Letter Day: This would be fun. I like love letters, but I’m almost 100% it wouldn’t be a secret and it wouldn’t be lovey. It would be a hey I think you are cool letter. And that is way way less cool than a love letter. I don’t want to way way less cool.

Eat at a Restaurant You’ve Never Been to Before Day: I love going out to eat. I’m sure I could find a really great place to celebrate. But I reap all of those benefits, not you. Maybe I’ll go with my blind date!

Quickfire Challenge Day: This could be the funnest of all options. On the Food Network on the show Top Chef there is a challenge known as the Quickfire Challenge. Contestants are given several mystery ingredients and have to make a meal in under an hour. I do love to cook. And this would probably end up being hilarious.

Justin Beiber Day: This was not my choice, but it was suggested to me as a celebration over 5 times from different people. I felt that I had to include it, because maybe you too have the fever.

Thrift Store Day: Love. This would be a breeze. I would go on a great adventure through antiques. I would do this gladly.

Watch Brendan Fraser’s Lowest Rated Films Day: I don’t actually want to celebrate this. But someone suggested it and I thought it was hilarious. Because it is hilarious. So if you are going to force me to watch Mrs. Winterbourne, Furry Vengence and The Air I Breathe then so be it.

So there you have it folks. Your listed options. Feel free to make up your own. I would love more suggestions. Mrs. Winterbourne sounds awful. Now get to voting!


Scared of your choices.



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4 responses to “The Poll

  1. cb

    I came up with quickfire challenge day so if it wins can i be a guest judge?!?!?!?!?!?!

  2. If you end up with blind date day, I think you should go on SEVERAl and I will offer to set you up with someone as well. Can we secretly record it? Blind Date style? Maybe even some thought bubbles?

  3. theada emenheiser

    i will find a boob cam if you do blind date day

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