Quickfire Wins

Well Quickfire Challenge Day won. By one vote. It was close but I didn’t have to go on a blind date thankfully, I mean unfortunately. So I had a quickfire challenge with Chelsie. My mom was in town so she judged and bought the ingredients for the quickfire challenge.

If you are desperately confused on what a quickfire challenge is, you clearly don’t watch enough Food Network. On the show Top Chef there is a challenge where contestants must make a dish based on what ingredients the host provides. We were sort of nervous.

My mom picked the five ingredients. Brie. Mint. Kumquats. Panko bread crumbs. Crescent rolls. We brainstormed and had 45 minutes to prepare our dishes. We also could use anything I had in my kitchen, which don’t kid yourselves, wasn’t much.

I’ll discuss Chelsie’s dish first. She first started with a pie pan and eggs. I look over there and say, “A pie with eggs, huh?” Then with the crescent rolls she lined the loaf dish. In the mean time, she sautéed onions with turkey in kumquat juice and olive oil. She put it in the crescent roll lined pan added brie and mint, added two beaten eggs, closed up the top with the rest of the crescent dough. Covered with butter (a lot of butter, she pulled a Paula Deen) and bread crumbs. Baked for 25 minutes.

Now for my dish. I sliced a chicken breast. Cooked in a bit of butter. Squeezed half of the available kumquats into a saucepan. Added chopped up mint and sugar and lemon juice. Heated that. I then lined four cupcake wells with crescent roll dough. I scooped some of the chicken into each of the wells, added a bit of brie on top of the chicken and covered them with more crescent dough. I then poured some of the citrus saucy goodness over the chicken pods and baked them for about 12ish minutes or something. I think. I didn’t really pay attention.

My mom then tried our meals. My chicken pods were tasty and Chelsie’s quickfire pie was just as delicious. The verdict was that my sauce on Chelsie’s breakfast/quiche/quickfire pie would be the most delicious. We also both completely failed with the mint. Oops. Sorry mint.

Now for the documentation.


The cast of characters.

Just getting our Giada on.

Kumquats are so tiny.

Chelsie loves chopping onions.

We made a delicious mess.

Chelsie's challenge dish.

My chicken pod!

Consider yourself judged.


Quickfire Day was a great success. Thank you to those of you that voted. Make Up Your Own Holiday Day was so fun. However, I had really bad anxiety about making my dish. It was spooky.


Kate Chicken Pod Beard

PS: It is my goal to have one dish that I am really good at making so one day my kids friends will say, “Man, so and so’s mom makes the best chicken pods.” Or whatever other dish I’m awesome at making, but maybe it will be chicken pods, who knows.

PPS: I promise not to name my children so and so (or what’s her face or the cheerleader or the ugly one).



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2 responses to “Quickfire Wins

  1. Abby

    I miss video games. I miss my mom.

  2. This sounds like so much fun!

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