Something on a Stick Day

Hi there. I’m writing this from my desk. Which is incredibly unusual, because I usually sit snuggled in my bed to write this. But I finally found a desk chair that I liked at a cool antique store, so here I am. At a desk. Working on my posture.

Today is Something on a Stick Day. I’m sure all of you have anxiously, or not so anxiously pending on your dedication to this blog, been waiting for some really great food on a stick experience for this day. However, I regret to inform you that I did not attend a carnival, county fair, festival, side of the road get together or other place that would sell food on a stick today. I went to Sam’s. Expecting to find samples galore. I would be able to use toothpicks to try all sorts of things on a stick. Newsflash, Sam’s doesn’t hand out delicious treats past lunch time. I was so let down. Not to fear, I celebrated cutely.

Katie, my dear friend whom my brother calls Kristen, was with me. She reminded me that Starbucks had cake pops. So a ball of cake on a stick! Something on a Stick Day was shaping up. We continued to wander around Sam’s and we found ourselves at the flowers. We both clearly wanted some flowers for our rooms. We both clearly didn’t want to spend a million dollars on flowers for our rooms. So we split a bouquet. This was no small bouquet. There were 25 stems of spray roses. There were outrageous amounts of flowers going on. It was lovely, and it’s still lovely sitting on my desk.

Sidenote: I think lovely is the nicest word. To me being called lovely is the most wonderful compliment.

We realized that flowers were sort of something on a stick… right? OK, so they are on a stem, but a stem is a kind of a stick….right? Right!! That’s two things on a stick! Hooray us!

Off to Starbucks we went. We got the cutest pink cake pops and devoured them in the car. I made sure to take a picture, because I knew you would want to see them.

Katie "Cake Pop" Ross

I need to practice never making that face in pictures.

The cake pops were this good.

That's a lot of good if you ask me.

We went to Katie’s house to arrange flowers and they were beautiful and wonderful and flowery and I loved them. Katie put her flowers in a mason jar and they looked like they belonged in a magazine.

I might just change my blog header to these delightful little guys.

Something on a Stick Day had so much potential to be deep-fried and buttery, I’m sorry that wasn’t the path I chose to walk down. There’s just so many corn dogs you can consume in one celebrating season.

However, I wish it was the first week of June. In my hometown of Bartlesville, America there is an arts festival called SunFest. SunFest brings out all sorts of people. And by all sorts I mean crazy people. I love SunFest with my whole heart, mainly because I see more mullets and more tube tops that I ever thought possible. SunFest is the perfect location for things on a stick.

There is one particular treat that I always get at SunFest, after I’ve had a foot long corndog and fried pickles and homemade rootbeer and an Indian taco, I always get a giant corn on the cob on a stick. It is heaven, unless you have braces, then it is the opposite of heaven. Good thing I haven’t had braces in ages. They dip the corn directly into butter. That is 360 degrees of butter ensconced upon your corn on the cob on a stick. THEN, you get to add whatever spices you so desire. I always go with lemon pepper, with a little, I said a LITTLE, garlic salt. It’s messy and drippy and perfect.

I wish I could give all of you a nugget of SunFest just so you could experience it. Believe me a nugget is all you need.


Double points if the mullet and tube top are on the same person.

PS: April’s list is up! Check it out here! This Month’s Celebrations

PPS: If you go to the University of Oklahoma don’t forget to vote tomorrow for UOSA elections! Hannah and Laura would greatly appreciate your vote!


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  1. I’ve been to Sunfest. I know of what you speak. I think I purchased and wore a Cat-in-the-Hat green-and-white-striped hat. It was all good.

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