The Trade Winds

Today is National Geography Bee Day and the Apple Computer’s Birthday! What great things to celebrate! I’m sorry for my lack of words yesterday. I was ultra distracted and I’m sorry you suffered from my distraction. I’ll make it up to you today, I guess… Good news, I came prepared for things today. I use an Apple and I have been to the state geography bee in Oklahoma. What? You want to hear that story? Ok.

Once upon a time, when I was an 8th grader, wearing Abercrombie and Fitch and being awesome, my friend Emily won the Central Middle School geography bee. She beat a kid named Eric and he wasn’t pleased. I was so jazzed that she had won. Well, turns out she got herself qualified for the STATE geography bee! Just for your frame of reference, this is Emily and me in middle school.

My Dr. Martens were my favorite. I was looking fly for the first day of 6th grade.

Oh, yeah. We also took ballet together.

We apparently spent all our time tanning at the pool.

Emily and I had this amazing ability to talk our moms into letting us miss school for various things. She got to miss school the day my brother, Tom Beard, was born. I got to miss school for Emily competing in the geography bee. Emily, her mom and I drove to UCO for the competition.

Here’s the thing, Emily is super smart. She majors in math and things. She does math problems about things that literally don’t exist. However, as an 8th grader competing in the state geography bee, she wasn’t there because she only knew geography questions. She knew her stuff, but her life wasn’t consumed by geography, much to Mr. Amburn’s horror.

So we get to the bee. They divide the competitors into small group rooms. The winners of those rooms go on to compete in the finals. We sit down. I can barely keep from bursting into laughter. The place was full of kids that were there because they only knew geography facts. I knew Emily had this in the bag. She gets through the first couple questions. Her mom and I are so proud. Then she gets asked this question: What are the trade winds south of the equator that are very weak due to the heat of the subtropics (or something along those lines)?” Clearly, no human 8th grader knows the answer to this. Emily is in a spot. She guesses something wind related. The answer, the horse latitudes. She gets knocked out of the running with the horse latitudes question. How sad? But we were kinda ready to get out of there. I was a cool 8th grader and the geography bee was starting rub off on me.

I have never forgotten the horse latitudes or their weak winds or how much Emily and I made fun of the kids that took the geography bee seriously on the way home.

I am pretty decent with geography. I have a very solid working knowledge of world country locations. AND I know all my states and capitals. Mr. Amburn would be so proud. Mr. Amburn was my 7th grade world geography teacher. He is still to this day after four years of high school and four years of college in my top 5 favorite teachers of all time. He would let me argue with him and still liked me, I think. He was awesome. And now I know strange amounts of coutries. Go 7th grade!

And now for the Apple Computer’s birthday. I heart Macs more than any other electronic device. Apple makes my day so much easier, and for that I am truly grateful. This current MacBook Pro has gotten me through 4 years of college. I will be sad when I get a new one, mainly because I have issues letting things go. I figured in honor of Apple’s birthday, I would show you my desktop. I just recently changed the picture. I’m kind of fussy about the picture. It used to be this.


Those are called bicycles.

I took that picture in South Carolina. It’s one of my favorites. I love the color of the bikes.

Now on my computer, in honor of the warm weather, I have this little number adorning my screen.


The best berry of all.


I took that picture at Jeremy’s birthday last week. And this is what my desktop looks like right this very second.


All of my secrets.

Let me explain some things. There are three pictures of the Lonely Island boys to send to my aunt. There is a file title ‘Alex’ the contents of that folder are a birthday present I didn’t finish for her years ago. The two tickets at the BOK are for the New Kids on the Block/Backstreet Boys concert this summer. Alex is taking me to Lady Gaga on Monday, I figured I should return the favor. There are lots of pictures that I want to get printed. I have a bad habit of having empty picture frames all over my room. I just have issues with going to Walgreens and printing them. I know that I could do it online, but I also have issues signing up for things online. Also, don’t judge me for having so many things on my tool bar. I’m not crazy I promise. Again, I have issues getting rid of things. I am very much a fan of the left justified tool bar. It says out of my way.


Issues abound.


PS: I let my iTunes hang out on shuffle while I wrote this. It did me right, per usual. Gavin Degraw made a roaring reintroduction into my life. Shuffle was all over Gavin today. My friend Kathleen, who has a very sweet girly blog, showed me Gavin years ago. He reminds me of sitting in the study at her house and the mixed CD she made me once.




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3 responses to “The Trade Winds

  1. becky armstrong

    May I say that Mr. Amburn was my 7th grade Geography teacher as well as my son and daughter’s many years later. He rules! Ellen was the boss when the Olympic flags came marching in at the opening ceremonies as she told us where each and every country was located. He dresses up for school, is intelligent and funny and when he retires all those that are related to me will attend his reception, so mark that down and let it be known!

  2. Sonja

    Love your blog — so excited about all of the possibilities that it is bringing for you!
    Just wanted to say two things:

    (1) I was so excited to hear another positive thing about Central. I don’t know Mr. Amburn but I hope he sticks around for a few more years so that at least my two older children get to have him in 7th grade.
    (2) I share your love for Macs, and I can relate to being sad about getting a new one. I have recently been setting up a new one at church and although the new one is A.Maz.Ing., I prefer my 5-year-old computer because it is already “trained” to do what I want it to do!

  3. Brittany S.

    I had the exact same Dr. Martens, FYI. And they were awesome!

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