PB&J Day dominated.

So I went to get yo-yos today and I couldn’t find one. I couldn’t find a single one. I was sad. Kind of, I secretly have had anxiety about doing yo-yo tricks. I was never one for  walking the dog, real ones or yo-yo ones for that matter.

So yo-yo day didn’t quite go as planned, but I do have a yo-yo story. When I was in grade school, there was a yo-yo week in PE. For whatever reason in grade school, when we liked something, we really really liked it. We would get really intense about things for periods of time. For example, Tamagatchis and GigaPets, playing four square, bringing pickled okra in our lunches, drinking Frutopia, so we were freaks… it’s fine.

Well we got obsessed with yo-yos. We were having our parents buy us cool yo-yos we were yo-yoing at recess. We were unstoppable. However, I was not up with the tricks. I wasn’t good at them. I could basically only do the up down regular yo-yo motion. But my yo-yo was blue. It was cool. Some people rocked the butterfly, which was the reverse setup. Great for dog walking.

So the next holiday, PB&J Day, was the greatest of success. It was delicious as well. My cousin, well my mom’s cousin, but I don’t really know what that makes her to me, made the suggestion that I should make grilled pb & js. So I did. It was the greatest celebration decision I’ve made in a while. They were gooey and melty and drippy and hot and perfect. See for yourself.

The tastiest.

By the way, I hate the lighting in my kitchen.

I see you Nutella, lurking in the background.

And Pillow Fight Day sort of flopped too. I’m sorry that I failed today. OR DID I?

Da Da Da Da!! Surprise, I went to the Medieval Fair today in Norman!!! I saw things that I wish I could unsee. But, alas, I can’t. Mainly because I took pictures of the nonsense. Because I didn’t exactly succeed on 2 of the 3 projected holidays for the day, here are the results of my adventure.

Cool ears.

So fancy.


I had a very hard time looking this, person?, in the eyes.

I have been searching the yellow pages....

Read the last line.

Oh, you mentioned them.

Moral of the story, the medieval fair is that no one wears shoes, people wear corsets and I know a lot about Lord of the Rings trivia. And that’s that.


Does Fruitopia still exist?

PS: I just recieved this text message, about 10 minutes after posting this blog, “Hey…forgot to tell you… a couple of days ago I caught Tom yo-yoing in his closet an hour and half after I thought he was asleep!” Apparently Tom Beard bought into yo-yoing week at Wayside.



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2 responses to “PB&J Day dominated.

  1. Your grilled PB&J is perfect. Your world will never be the same now.

  2. Theres probably 12 more pics of the fair that should’ve gone on here.

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