Tater Day

Well it’s Tater Day here on The Celebrationist. And I love potatoes. Boil em. Mash em. Stick em in a stew. I didn’t actually get a chance to eat a tater today. But good news, my friends understand the importance of The Celebrationist and they celebrate for me.

I currently in a concert chanting La Dy Ga Ga. Alex got Lady Gaga tickets for Christmas, and well here I am.

So Alex got tater tots on the way here because she makes sure this blog succeeds. Speaking of, I was I the Bartlesville paper today. The Celebrationist is branching out!! Let’s tell Ellen, I think she would like to know.

So today has really been a Lady Gaga themed day. I got judged at dinner because. I have on a tulle skirt. Mind you, I wear this skirt to things other than Lady Gaga concerts. So I wasn’t too pleased at dinner when Mrs. Red Pleather Jacket judged me.

Also at dinner, Alex and I over heard a couple discussing some important things. She was the mistress and things were weird. It was like we over heard top-secret information in a movie. We didn’t know what to do with our hands.

So now I’m sitting here, blogging amidst the scary humans at Lady Gaga. I will update later tonight with more tater things and pictures from being here. I just wanted to make sure you got a blog before midnight.


I was born this way.

April 5th Update:

Well, I got home from Tulsa at around 2:45 a.m. It was an extremely interesting night. I have never been in the presence of more strange humans than last night. Here are some pictures to document the nonsense.

Blogging at a concert. I was officially the lamest one there.

I’m also fairly certain that I will require surgery of some sort if I continue to blog on my phone. It’s getting a little intense.

The t-shirt man insisted on taking our picture. We insisted on looking awesome.

Alex made a friend!

Fancy. So fancy.

Ooh la la.

Costume change #93.

I bet she got called claw face as a kid.

I don't even have words.

There was a sea monster of sorts.

That can't be comfortable.

Just a post concert nap.

I hope you enjoyed. Twas’ a crazy evening. It was quite the celebration. In fact, Lady Gaga kept using the word celebrate. She probably reads this blog, so she knew to celebrate sufficiently.


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