Stories Day

Good evening to you!! I hope I find you well on this night, or day pending on when you read this. It’s Stories Day and I have some stories to tell you. I will try my best to compile a few good ones for your reading pleasure. Feel free to share these with your family over dinner.

I feel like I need to preface this first story with what I was wearing at the time. I played volleyball in high school. I was the setter. I got a little intense with my hairdo/uniform combination. So I had on the following: tennis shoes, ankle braces, multicolored tie dye socks, knee pads, spandex shorts, a spandex jersey, and a very stylish hair do. For games I would part my hair down the middle and divide it for pigtails. I would take one side and pull it up into a loud messy bun. I would do the same with the other side. Occasionally there was ribbon involved. I sort of looked like I had horns, very cute horns, but horns nonetheless. So now for the story.

I was in a very very small town in Missouri at a club volleyball tournament. My dad was there. It was really small and I wasn’t all that jazzed to be playing in it. Mid play someone on our team hits the ball into the ceiling. The rules state, that if the ball falls back onto the side of the court it was played from, and there is another touch left the ball can remain in play. If it falls onto the other side of the net, it’s out. Well the ball falls back into our side of the court. A completely playable ball.

The judges don’t blow the whistle. We keep playing, but one of the coaches from the team that is reffing tells the judge, who is another player, to blow the whistle. I wasn’t pleased.

SIDENOTE: I do not like injustice. I am very pro-rules. I get fiery very quickly when things are not played by the rules. Especially when my people are getting screwed.

So I ask what the call was for. The coach says, “The ball hit the ceiling and you continued to play.” I say, “That’s because it’s a legal ball.” She says, “No it isn’t.” I laugh. With my hands on my hips, “Umm, we can get the rule book. It’s a legal ball.” (I went to the reffing clinic. I knew what was up.) She continues to argue with me. I continue to argue with her. I was not about to let this small town coach with a big ‘tude take this point away from me.

I get a little more heated. My coach knows I’m right, but is telling me to calm down. The coach I was arguing with yells, across the gym, “NUMBER 7!! HUSH OR I’M GIVING YOU A RED CARD!” I explain to her that I’m trying to just be fair. She yells, “ONE MORE WORD AND I’M THROWING YOU OUT OF THE ENTIRE TOURNAMENT.”

Needless to say, it was one of my prouder moments. I did not in fact get a red card or get kicked out of the entire tournament by the lady that had no authority to do so. I actually have no idea whether or not we even got the point. But I looked awesome with my hair horns and I almost got kicked out. That’s the only time I’ve ever almost been kicked out of something. Actually that’s not true, story number two!!

Bartlesville has one movie theater. Movies 8. It’s in the mall, if you can call it that. Anyway, one time in early high school we had seen a late movie. Probably the last one showing for the evening. The huge screen gate that shuts that they pull down in the entrance to the theater in the mall was 4/5 of the way down. For what ever reason we all thought it would be genius to run and slide under the gate. The mall security guard didn’t find the same humor we did and promptly escorted us out of the mall. We didn’t care, it was after the mall was closed anyway, but we felt like rebels.

I promise I have more stories and if I think of another one after I post this I’ll update it. If you have a story about an adventure you and I had, by all means share it.

This precious little girl on YouTube gave a speech to her church. She tells the story of Jonah and the Whale. I want her to do audio books.

She gives God a British accent. Clearly. Don’t watch the whole thing, just watch until you get to hear British God.





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2 responses to “Stories Day

  1. Mom

    It is probably a really great thing that I wasn’t at that tournament with you. We would have both been kicked out. I loathe injustice. As you well know.

  2. Abby

    I got a yellow card once.. for yelling at an idiot reff. neither of our lovely parents where there. then I hit a ball at a girls face.. oops?

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