Zoo Day and Draw a Bird Day

Well it’s a dual celebration day. Here’s the thing, I’m not in Oklahoma City so I can’t go to my favorite zoo of all time. But I’ll tell you a story. Also, I forgot my card reader, so I can’t show you my awesome bird  that I drew. I promise when I get home I will show you my awesome pictures. Especially  from the art institute. I had a Ferris Bueller moment today and it was amazing.

I also had the most wonderful meal, maybe of my entire life tonight. I went to an incredible Mexican restaurant. But not a cheap hole in the wall Mexican restaurant. It was an amazing nice Mexican restaurant. Our waiter had a killer mustache. We had killer food. It was killer. Like totally.

Anyway, I drew an amazing bird today. You will be so proud. It’s almost as awesome as the dinosaur I drew for Draw a Dinosaur Day. I will show it to you when I get to my scanner at my house in Norman, but for now just imagine a regal creature soaring over the lands of americuh. Exactly, its awesome.

So let me tell you a zoo story. I would have gone to a zoo today except it’s 40 degrees and I don’t think the zoo animals are into 40 degree weather. But when I was in grade school and I lived in Edmond my dad and I used to go to the zoo all of the time. I can still to this day navigate the Oklahoma City Zoo without a map. I know where the wax machines are and I can get you a lemon ice quicker than anyone else.

We used to go to the zoo for hours and hours. I can’t believe my dad put up with the amount of times I wanted to go to the zoo. We would ride the sky tram we would go a dolphin show we were happy little clams. At least I was. There were all these machines that would mold wax into a zoo animal. I was obsessed with these. I had tons. I loved them. They were always really hot when we would get them out and I wouldn’t be able to hold them for a while, due to the burning of my 5-year-old fingers.

But we always got one. We would always go to the dolphin show and we would never sit in the splash zone. I wasn’t really jazzed about getting dirty as a child. The sky tram would take you across the entire zoo. I loved it. A few days ago my dad brought up the sky tram and how we should go ride it. I had to inform him that it was no longer in existence. The dolphin show is also gone. My childhood dreams, swept away by the man at the zoo. Sad. Well that’s all I’ve got for today. I’m sorry I forgot my card reader and I can’t share my delightful pictures with you. I will add them when I get home tomorrow.


Limited by my technology.


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  1. Abby

    more like–
    i wanted to grow up to be a zoo keeper when i was a small child..

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