Golfer’s Day

It’s Golfer’s Day and I bet you are surprised to find that I am an avid golfer. I just love golfing….. oh wait. But I did take lessons one summer. I tried incredibly hard to enjoy it and be successful at it. You should probably know something about me, I don’t like not being good at something. I also don’t like double negatives. But I wasn’t super good at golf and I was good at other things so golfing kind of passed.

But I gave it a good old college try. Well, high school try at the time. And what does that phrase mean exactly? A good old college try? I’m in college, I see the people here, and I don’t think you want them to give it their good old college try. If that were the case things wouldn’t be going so hot. I digress.

I took golf lessons one summer. I was working at a country club and I figured I should go for it. My friends and I would also go golfing on Monday when the club was closed. I used a driver for the majority of the shots I made, much to the dismay of my actual golfing friends that were there. But I did successfully par hole 16. I was incredibly proud.

I spent a lot of time at that country club. I have eaten lunch on almost every major holiday there. I have looked for Easter eggs there. I have spent the night of 4th of July there almost every summer. I have worked in the snack bar at the pool. I have swam in the pool thousands of times. I have been to countless weddings there. I have even taken tennis lessons there, again I wasn’t so good. Moral of that story, I have seen people golfing there since I was little.

My grandad used to take me on drives around the golf course on a golf cart after Sunday lunch. I thought I was THE coolest kid in the world. I thought that it was so cool when we would drive off the cart path. As a child that didn’t break rules, off the golf path driving was edgy and exciting.

And even better, today was the last day of the Master’s. Woo! Go green jackets!

I’m not much of a golf watcher. I can name most of the major players and I understand and enjoy the game, but for me golf on television is prime time nap time. The best naps are taken during golf. It’s peaceful. There is gentle clapping. The announcers whisper on occasion. Nothing gets too rowdy. It’s just delightful.

So there’s that. My extent of golf. I wish I knew more. Actually I’m pleased with my amount of knowledge.


Ignorance is bliss and clichés are lame.



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