8 Track Tapes

Today is 8 Track Tape Day. I don’t think I could know less about a subject. I wasn’t so much alive during the ages of 8 track tapes. I made my debut during cassettes, moved promptly into the days of compact disks and now I’m rocking it in mp3 land.

But let’s walk through this. This image took me forever to find. I think it’s worth it.


Please notice John Mayer creepily looming at the end of the timeline. It made me laugh quite a bit. And now back to what this day is all about. To be honest I have never seen an 8 track tape in person. They seem quite bulky and strange. The only place you probably find them are at garage sales and on etsy.com, which is exactly where I found these.

The player. Not even a clue how this works.

Ooooh! In a galaxy far far a way, people use 8 track tapes.

Of all the media formats that have been used, I feel like 8 track tapes are the most elusive. People still release records. Somewhere in your house you probably have a cassette tape of the original Hanson album. What? You don’t? Yeah, me neither. You still have CDs. At least I still have CDs. Sometimes I like to buy albums on CD. I bought Coldplay’s Viva La Vida album on CD. I wanted the interesting things that come inside, and I sort of like the tangibility of having a CD in my car.

But no one still releases stuff on 8 track tapes! It’s the unicorn of musical formats. Everyone knows they are real, but not many people have seen them.

If 8 track tapes are the unicorns, that would probably make mp3s squirrels. Very common, everyone has seen them, but still sort of interesting.

Sidenote: I’m watching Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and I love that Brian Williams loves to be on the show so often. I also love Jimmy Fallon.

Well, that’s that.

If I could have any album on 8 track tape I would have wanted Steve Miller Band. The song The Joker came out in 1973, prime time 8 track time. Other things I would have wanted on 8 track: Queen, The Doobie Brothers.


Finding my Hanson cassette.



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4 responses to “8 Track Tapes

  1. True story: I KNOW the drummer from Steve Miller Band. He lives in Oklahoma and I saw him quite often in my former job. He’s an old dude, but very cool. Very straight and businessman-like. You would never know he used to be the space cowboy. Or, uh, the drummer for the space cowboy. Whenever I was around him, I was stricken by a strange urge to loudly squeal “Some people call me Maurice!” But I refrained because I’m professional like that.

    And don’t forget Foghat. They were the ultimate 8-track band.

  2. Sister Abby

    weezy on 8-track? the carter 4, via 8-track? I’ll talk to him about it on Friday..

  3. Googled you, as many publicists do for their clients, found this: http://3761.blogspot.com/2011/04/8-track-tapes-celebrationist.html …..

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