Scrabble Day!

It’s the game of wordsmiths. I enjoy it quite a lot. I’m not sure if I’m a wordsmith or not, but I do enjoy playing Scrabble. Even more so, I love playing Words With Friends.

The iPhone app Words With Friends singlehandedly brought Scrabble, or an extremely close variation, back into the popular game world. I have played countless game of Words With Friends. I’m currently involved in three battles of words. I occasionally play with strangers, but these three are good friends.

Here is the problem with me playing Words. I get very nervous and anxious about winning. I like winning. I am a tiny bit competitive. But just a very tiny bit. I have played some fantastic words. My greatest accomplishment, I got 130 points. Triple Letter. Triple Letter. Triple Word. It was unreal. Too bad it was against Tom Beard and he wasn’t pleased. He was 9 at the time. 9 year olds like loosing a lot less than 21 year olds.

Currently as I type this, I have had a 70 point word and a 51 point word played on me consecutively. Boated and Loosened, my two new least favorite words, and on Scrabble Day no less! I grumble.

My dad has been sending me pictures all day. He has a portable scrabble board in the lab at his dental office. It hangs on the cabinet and everyone plays on teams. It’s very intense in the dental lab. My dad also has a favorite scrabble word. ZYDECOS. He loves it. He uses it in conversation. He got third in the Scrabble tournament at the office today, sorry dad.

But I was promised a gifted travel Scrabble set. I can’t wait! I’ll be playing Scrabble on the go.

So let’s discuss this Words With Friends phenomenon. I did some research to find out just where this started. And why Scrabble totally missed the boat.

So this is what I found. Here’s the link for the article WORDS. These are the things that I found interesting.

“Finally, in July 2009, the studio released Words With Friends. At the time they had no idea it would become a hit — they took a small $200K seed round from friends and family and started working on an ngmoco title called We Rule (which they didn’t own full rights to) to make sure they could keep paying the bills. As they worked on We Rule, Words With Friends did fairly well but wasn’t exactly surging.

And then John Mayer happened. On October 5 2009, Mayer tweeted that Words With Friends “is the new Twitter” (the Newtoy guys say they didn’t have anything to do with it). The application promptly surged in popularity, and has since ridden on its inherent virality to grow to where it is today — as more players signed up, they’d tell their friends to join so that they could play each other (remember, the game is multi-player only). The Bettners say that the application had already started to hit an inflection point in growth before the Mayer tweet, but there’s no doubt that he gave it a major push in the right direction. The ‘With Friends’ series has now seen 6.5 million downloads.”

So John Mayer, if you are reading this, let’s play Words.

Kind of an interesting history of the app. Scrabble also had an app, but it is hard to navigate. Hilarious to me that Words With Friends reinvented the wheel, put rims on it and made fun of Scrabble for riding a bike.

Now, I googled highest scoring word in Words With Friends. This is what I found. On a scale of 1 to absolutely real this is probably about a 4.


I'm hesitant to believe this.


Don’t kid yourself, this is still really cool. It just doesn’t seem feasible. I hope you are feeling wordy now. If you need some Q without U words try qaid, qi, qis. Those are my go to words



PS: If you were looking for a Scrabble documentary there is a pretty hilarious one called Word Wars. It’s on Netflix.

PPS: I just minding my own business in Norman, watching the local news, when a commercial comes on. It’s talking about the Nellie Johnstone, the first commercial oil well in Oklahoma for those of you that ain’t from these parts. I say under my breath, “Hey, that was in Bartlesville.” Turns out it was a cool commercial all about Bartlesville! I got kinda jazzed. The end.



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4 responses to “Scrabble Day!

  1. i challenge definitely_spot_on to prove it. i don’t believe that for a second.
    and it’s not just cause i’m a bitter loser who should be way better at words due to being in the English department on the regular.
    double dog dare someone to play me! CLbaugh

  2. jason champion


    challenge accepted.


    ps. i’m terrible.

  3. Sister Abby

    first of all, things are strange.
    second of all, I ate lunch next to nellie johnstone last week. go bartlesville!

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