Day of Laughter

I celebrated well today. Quite well in fact. I love laughing. Here are some things that made me laugh today.

1. Two pictures I received via text message. If I post either picture the senders would probably kill me. But one of the senders is my sister so she will get over it.

The caption she sent with this picture, "Naturally, I love yellow."

And that is why she is my favorite.

2. I’m dating Chelsie. We went to lunch together….. and then dinner…. and we got ice cream. We laughed about that today.

3. I laughed getting funny text messages today.

4. I laughed watching reruns of SNL.

5. I laughed when I realized that I have secondary embarrassment issues. When someone else is feeling embarrassed, I get awkward for them. It’s a problem.

6. I laughed because I just like to laugh.

7. I laughed because I was people watching.

8. I laughed because I walked down memory lane (I LOATHE that phrase).

9. I laughed on the phone.

10. I laughed because today was a great day.

So there’s that. I love to laugh and giggle.




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