Eggs Benedict.

Eggs Benedict are the rich man’s Egg McMuffin. First of all, I’m not a giant fan of breakfast. I don’t like sweet things in the morning. If I’m going to eat breakfast it’s going to be a salty situation. My first choice would be a bagel and cream cheese and please don’t judge me, but I put mustard on my bagel and cream cheese. Just five dots of regular mustard. It’s just what I do.

But that’s beside the point, we are talking benedicts here. There is a place in Norman called Fancy That. It’s a bakery that also serves amazing food. Their Sunday brunch is delectable. My friend Tri loves interesting food as much as I do. We have food adventures on a regular basis. Just a few nights ago we made dinner. Steak, potatoes and mushrooms, brussel sprouts, steamed cauliflower, we outdid ourselves. On one particular food adventure, we went to Fancy That. He got the quiche, I got the eggs benedict. However, mine had a crab cake on it. I swooned with food adoration when I saw it on the menu.

What a happy brunching!

I know you were wondering what that delicious yellowness covering the fruit is, don’t worry, I was planning on telling you. It’s mango goo. I don’t know how they make it and I don’t care. All you need to know is that it was so tasty.

I didn’t get to eat eggs benedict today. I was at a wedding shower for my sweet friend Sierra. I got to eat all sorts of other treats though. Wedding showers have the tastiest things. It’s like people hide their most delicious things until someone gets engaged. It’s a travesty.

On a completely unrelated note, warm weather is the strongest catalyst to my music preferences I am aware of. The second it gets warm outside all I want to do is listen to country music and oldies. I like them the rest of the year, but warm weather brings them to the forefront of my brain and iTunes playlist. For example, I have been listening to Steve Miller Band greatest hits today. Nothing puts in a good mood faster than the intro to The Joker.

Some people call me the space cowboy, yeah
Some call me the gangster of love
Some people call me Maurice
Cause I speak of the pompitous of love

Right after they say Maurice, the music makes a whooop whoooop sound and I love it. Almost as much as I love the clap, clap, clap in Take the Money and Run. If you haven’t listened to SMB recently I suggest you hop to it.

I think my love of Steve Miller Band started as a child. The convinced me early when Fly Like an Eagle was in Space Jam. That really sealed the deal on my future obsession with a 70s rock band.

Fun fact, I just looked up stuff on The Joker. Steve Miller Band made the word pompitous up. Cool. I’ll try to use it in Words With Friends.

And as for country music, all I wanted to do today was listen to a live country band, wear my boots and drink a beer. It didn’t happen, but I’m hoping it does extremely soon.


Billy Joe and Bobbie Sue


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