What a cheeseball!

It’s Cheeseball Day! I’m not celebrating the food option for this holiday, which is shocking, but I’m celebrating the smile option! I’m also making up for not being able to go to the zoo on Zoo Day!

So in honor of Cheeseball Day, I will display pictures that I deem quite cheesy or where I just look like an idiot.

The 80s were the cheesiest decade of all.

The Beard siblings rule.

Sister cheesin

This one time... at OU/Texas.... I dressed up as Cruella De Vil.

Actual cheese.

I get it.

I have a very cheesy life. I’m a regular cheeseball if you will. So now for the zoo update!

Let me remind you, I love the zoo. It’s one of my favorite places. I need to clear some things up. I don’t like animals. It’s apparently my biggest vice. But I do love the zoo. I have honed down my hatred of animals to just simply pets. I don’t like pets. I like zoo animals. I like non-pet animals. I did make one comment on January 16th. It was Appreciate a Dragon Day and I said that the lizard and I bonded. We did bond. But that doesn’t mean I like animals. It means we had a general understanding between each other that we weren’t going to be friends and he wasn’t going to lick me. So we bonded over our mutual understanding. Now for the zoo pics!

Its like Disney World, if the Princesses were bears and Mickey Mouse was an actual mouse.

Chelsie was a great zoo friend! My dad, who loves the zoo as much as me, said that she was zoo worthy.

I love the zoo this much.

The zoo was great. It was also strange human day at the zoo. I saw a lot of things I wish I could unsee. We walked by a family that had a radio strapped to the stroller playing Mexican jams. I saw a lot of kids on leashes. I watched a lady precariously hold her daughter up to see Alligators. I saw a lot of unnatural hair colors. I saw a lot of strange tees. It was an interesting day at zoo land. But I had a blast. I knew strange facts, like when the ape house was built and when the opened the cat exhibit.

The best part of the zoo is the new elephant wing. They built a $13 million new elephant enclosure. It is amazing, especially if you have seen the old elephant enclosure. And one of the elephants had a baby on Thursday! They were in the elephant barn so we couldn’t see them, which was royally lame. They were bonding or something. Bonding shmonding.


It’s easy being cheesy.



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  1. you forgot the dad who encouraged his young child to climb over the partition, stick her hand through the fence and pet the deer.

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