National Hanging Out Day

First things first. My friend Peter and his friend made this video. They wrote the lyrics. It is my current YouTube obsession. If you like Star Wars and/or Lord of the Rings or you have ever debated which series is the greatest of all time, you will fall in love with this video. Please watch it. Please send it to your friends.

I have been singing the following all day long: “He’s bald. He meditates. He dresses like a Hindu. He wields a purple light saber. He’s Mace Windu.” And now for today’s celebration.

This has to be the most normal day for me to celebrate. I love hanging out! I love spending time with my friends, especially right now. I graduate in May and who knows where I’ll be! Seriously though, if you know where I’ll be let me know. I feel like I need to spend time with all of my people and go to all my favorite places before I leave.

I knew Hanging Out Day was going to be a breeze. I haven’t seen my dear friend Courtlyn in some time. So we went to the Library. We had a lot of studying to do… oh wait! It’s a bar! How witty of a name, right? There’s one in every college town. But we went to the Library for happy hour beers and chips and salsa.

I’ve known Courtlyn since the 8th grade. He is a fun friend. He’s going to grad school and has a cool assistance…ship or something along those lines. Courtlyn will run a university some day. We had great chats and good hanging out time. We always have good hang out time.

After studying incredibly hard at the Library, I went to dinner for my friend Toni’s birthday. I got to see some of the people who I love. Dinner was even more exciting because I got to wear one of my most favorite dresses in all the land. It’s lavender and ruffley. I’m almost positive it has magical powers. In fact I know that it has magical powers.

I put it on and my roommate said, “the magic dress!” Here are some pics from my adventure.

Jordan and I have lived together for 3 years. I dont know what Im going to do next year. Who is going to Pine Sol my stairs?

Katie lived with Jordan and I one semester. It was a hilarious semester.

This isnt the first time weve taken this picture.

There it is. The magical dress.

In other news, I was watching Seinfeld while writing the beginning of the post. I need you to know that my life is a Seinfeld episode. On an extremely regular basis I stop during the day and relate whatever is going on to a particular episode. Like today, Man Hands happened. Fat Free Yogurt, you ask? Happened today. Moops? 10th grade world geography. Uromysitisis. Freshman year Chemistry. I convinced my teacher to let my go to the bathroom. Bad B.O? All of being in Paris this summer. You get the idea. I have a lot of Seinfeld experiences.

Well this particular episode I was watching today, Jerry describes Elaine with the following comment,” Well, she’s fascinated with Greenland. She enjoys teasing animals, ban-lon, and seeing people running for their lives. She loves throwing garbage out the window, yet she’s extremely dainty.”

For some reason, I found this hilarious. I truly hope that if given the opportunity, someone would describe me with such blank facts. I also love seeing people running for their lives. Scattering. In a million directions. I’m insane.


When I grow up I want to be Elaine Benes. I’m sure Mr. Peterman would hire me.

PS: Today is also the 16th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing. I lived in Edmond when it happened. My mom felt it at our house in Edmond. My dad was at the dental school, which is insanely close to downtown. He said it felt like an earthquake. It changed the state of Oklahoma for a long time. If you are interested in supporting the the Bombing Memorial and you are a runner, please consider running in the OKC Memorial Marathon. It’s being held May 1 this year. For more information please visit, Registration closes April 25.


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  1. Sierra

    I love how our legs are crossed exactly the same way. 😉

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