Look Alike Day

I don’t really look like anyone famous. However, I’ve gotten Allison Lohman before from several strangers. But it’s look-alike day and I do look a lot like several people.

I look like my mom and my sister.

Same people.

I look a lot like my Aunt Barbara, but really she and my mom look the most alike.

I look a lot like both my parents circa 1980 something.

Hooray looking alike! People have a really hard time telling my mom and her sister apart. People have a really hard time telling me and my sister apart. My brother and I look exactly alike in pictures from when I’m his age. Some people say I look like my dad some people say I look like my mom. Moral of the story, my brother, sister and I are a really good mix of both of our parents.

In other news, my professor had some of us over for dinner tonight. We could sign up for a certain day to come to his house this week. He and his friend made us amazing Cajun food. When we first got there he said the following, “Gentleman, there are beers in the fridge back there. Ladies I’m going to make something special for you.” He then proceeded to make us a drink that contained a frozen apricot, Southern Comfort and champagne. Needless to say, it was delicious. We got to his house at 6:15 and I didn’t leave until 10:50. He has tons of baseball memorabilia. He had one entire room of racks of baseball jerseys. He was in school at Harvard with Barack Obama, I saw the picture of them together at school. He has tons and tons of Oklahoma historical documents. It was such an interesting night. And to top it all off, the Thunder won again!

Look Alike Day was great. And delicious.


So full.



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2 responses to “Look Alike Day

  1. Sister Abby

    “Are you Kate’s sister?”
    “No, but we look alike and share the same last name. Ironic!”

  2. Father Beard

    Mac iPhoto + Automatic face matching +pics of you, Abby, Tom = a very frustrated Mac…
    ps considering the seminary…if Abby becomes a nun…

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