Kindergarten & High Fives

I celebrated Kindergarten Day. Not like I wanted to celebrate Kindergarten Day, but I celebrated. I had dreams of going to a kindergarten class and reading books to them and hanging out. But I work on Thursdays and then have class. And tonight I had the Gaylord Ambassadors over to my house. It’s a goofy name, but it’s the leadership group at the journalism college at OU.

I’ll walk you through my celebration. I’m not proud of it. However, this is part of my personality that is not often displayed and rarely self-admitted. So here goes.

I hate change. I loathe it. I don’t like it at all. I don’t want to accept it. I get fussy.

I did this freshman year of college when I came to OU. I called my mom the day after my family dropped me off at college and made OUTRAGEOUS claims. I said nonsense things. Things that my family still reminds me of. I try to resist change, even though I know it’s good for me. Even if I think it’s exciting and I want the change, part of me will resist it.

It’s just how I operate. For example, I’m getting a new job, moving to a new city, starting a new everything, and the one thing I am most frustrated about is changing banks. I don’t want a different looking debit card. I want my blue Arvest debit card. I have to find a new grocery store and pharmacy, I’m not thrilled about it.

So with that being said. I had a freak out today. I don’t have a job yet and I want a job. I freaked out about this. I got nervous. I called my mom. She tried to tell me that I will have a job. I half believed her. I was the biggest baby in the world on the phone to Chelsie. She was trying to hard to make me not sad and fussy. She called me about an hour after me being a baby and said the following, “Get ready. I’m coming to your house. We are going to sushi or Thai Thai. You pick.”

And that’s when I made a monumental discovery. Really good food solves my problems. That doesn’t mean that I eat my feelings away. I don’t consume sleeves of Oreos (although, one time Jordan and I ate an entire package of mint Oreos in 24 hours) to make me feel better. But a really good dinner somewhere makes me a happy as a clam. (“Al Pacino. Never been married. Happy as a clam.” “Am I Al Pacino in this situation?”) She just knew that my love of delicious things would transcend any problem I had.

So we went to dinner, planned the next 5 years of our lives and I’m still happy as a clam. She knows me so well. Also, I got the dumbest drink in the world.

I pride myself on not drinking extremely girly drinks. I do not like ordering anything that ends in -tini. Unless it’s a normal martini. But these days they are slapping -tini on the end of everything and women are snatching those things right off the menu. I never do this. I don’t fall for the -tini. However, tonight at dinner, I ordered a pear-tini. I’m not proud of it, but it happened. And just to spite me, this is what the drink looked like.

I'm embarrassed for myself.

It had a cherry and rock candy in it. It probably has its own copy of Legally Blonde. It couldn’t have been girlier if it tried. It was tasty though. Chelsie laughed at me when they brought it out. Even she knew of my distaste of things that look cute to drink.

So, I basically acted like a kindergartener today. I was fussy for no reason and I had to go to dinner to stop being fussy.

Now, for High Five Day I have a treat for you. Chelsie double fist pumped when our waitress brought us Andes mints, which is basically just a personal high-five. But that’s not the treat. This is the treat!

We made these PSA posters for a design class a few years ago.

We made these posters for our Public Relations Publications class. We took it during the summer. It was awesome. That’s all I’ve got. I’m sorry I was a kindergartener today. I promise to keep my fussy rants under control and my finger painting to a minimum.


Sleeping on a mat at nap time.

PS: These are the other two posters.

Hugging is cool.

I like smiling. Smiling's my favorite.



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3 responses to “Kindergarten & High Fives

  1. Cb

    Hahahahahaha nice is cool

  2. becky armstrong

    Your mom told me all about the different debit card that you were whining about during our Pathfinder walk. I however am the queen of “Not Liking Change”. You know that is why we added on to our house instead of moving. That is why I live in the same town that I grew up in. That is why the fact that Mr. Amburn taught me as well as Jack and Ellen 7th grade geography takes my breath away when I think too long about it. That is why I married Steve and our mothers were best friend since age 5. Moving is a huge change and I will hold your hand when other of our relatives (who will remain nameless for now) will not!

    Jack is graduating and our 14 lab with a white face died, and I wish both were 4 again

    Aunt Becky

  3. I seriously am still appalled at the copy on those posters. Who am I, Dr. Suess’s long lost niece?

    “a hug delights and warms and charms, and must be why we all have arms.”

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