Short and Sweet

I’m sorry this is so late. I came home this weekend for Easter. Since the last time I’ve been home my parents got a Tempurpedic bed. That is where I have been for the last hour and a half. Asleep. I need one of those in my life pronto. But besides that I had a great day!

I listened to fantastic music on the way home. I went and took pictures with my family. I ate delicious dinner at a new restaurant. And I already mentioned the Tempurpedic.

Today is Jellybean Day and my Aunt Becky brought me a pack of jellybeans in honor of the event. She is quite up to date with her Celebrationist knowledge. Did you know that Ronald Reagan loved jellybeans? He had them all over the White House when he was president. I learned that in the 7th grade in a presidential report that I did. My poster had jellybeans glued around the edges. I was the poster queen.

I was also informed that today was the Oklahoma Landrun Day!

The landrun was a defining moment in the state of Oklahoma. Also, I love the state of Oklahoma. I might be moving away next year and I’m getting a little verklempt. (One of the greatest words SNL has ever provided me with). This is from the actual land run in 1889. If you weren’t aware, boomers and sooners were real people. Boomers were all the participants. Sooners were those that snuck across early and got the best land. So Boomer Sooner!

Seems dangerous.

Anyway, Tom Beard, my little brother, participated in a landrun at school. He was dressed as a cowboy all day. He is the coolest.

Staking his claim!

Blazing a trail through the frontier.

Cool guy.

So clearly, Tom dominated the landrun. He wanted to stay dressed as a cowboy, and rightly so. Here are some pictures from picture time out in the country.

Classic hair mustache.

I wore my most favorite of dresses.

Not many people make me laugh as hard as she does.

And that’s that. My happy little day. It was good to see the family. It was good to take pictures with family and friends and it was just delightful taking a nap in that Tempurpedic.


Happy as a clam.

PS: My mom just refused to pour my cereal and milk because she said it was a personal matter. She also informed me that she got that box of Peanut Butter Crunch for 75 cents. She’s been clipping coupons. She’s also been watching Extreme Couponing. She’s also been watching a lot of Sister Wives, but hasn’t developed any new habits based on that. Thankfully.


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  1. cb

    I couponed one time. I saved $22 but I also spent like an extra hour and a half in Target with the coupons. So, if time is money……..

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