Real Life

OK, here’s the thing. I’m home for Easter and all my people are hanging out. I don’t have time to give you a really great post. But I’m giving you this. I promise I’ll update tomorrow or late late tonight. I just want to see all my people before we move off into the wild blue yonder.

So there’s that. I’m just being honest. I love you all dearly. Quite dearly in fact. But I need to see my people tonight.


I pinky promise I’ll have a hilarious story to tell you to make up for my late blogging. Please forgive me.


Well, it’s taken me a while to update. But update I will! Picnic Day sort of failed. It was rainy and gross in Bartlesville USA, which in case you were wondering, isn’t great picnic weather. But I do have a really delightful picnic experience to share with you.

Last summer, when I was in England, we had the most perfect weather. It was rarely rainy. The majority of the time we were there it was perfect being outside, going on picnic weather. So one day we decided to go on a picnic. Our university was in North London surrounded by a park. It’s beautiful. So we took the bus into Enfield and went to the Tesco to buy delicious picnic treats.

Hummus and carrots. Sandwiches. Fruit and yogurt. Etc. Etc. I got sort of obsessed with Tesco brand hummus while I was in England. I haven’t found anything in the United States that comes close to the levels of tasty I found in England. But that’s beside the point. We took our snacks down to the lake at our University and plopped down and had a relaxing afternoon picnic.

Ants didn’t scamper over and steal our things. And there was no potato salad. And that brings me to my discussion. Do you remember when there were picnic scenes in old TV shows or movies? There were always bonnets and tables and running children. It’s like the whole town came out for the event. I have never been to a town picnic. Just a personal picnic. I feel like the most prominent TV picnics were on Little House on the Prairie. There was always some sort of drama. Nellie was always being awful. Ma and Pa were always trying to teach someone a lesson or raise a child that wasn’t theirs, but they felt morally responsible for. Wait, what? You haven’t seen Little House on the Prairie? You didn’t watch that after school? You don’t hate Harriet Oleson? Oh, well in that case nevermind the picnic story. But you really should hate Harriet Oleson, she is a roach. ‘

Now, the reason I couldn’t blog my heart out last night was because all of my high school people were in town. And by all my high school people Alex texted me an informed me that she in fact wasn’t there. Not quite everyone was there, but the majority.

I have had more or less the same group of friends since around the 9th grade. Some of us have been friends since the 3rd grade. A lot of us go to OU together. A few go to the U of A. One at OSU. But we all are friends. We have hilarious stories. And interesting stories. And secrets. Lots and lots of secrets. Well, not really about the secrets. Although I’m sure there’s something. Since we are all graduating and getting jobs, going to grad school, going to med school, taking a year off, finishing up school, it was really good to get to see everyone.

I let the blog suffer for my own well being. I apologize, but I figured you would understand.


Sorry for neglecting you.


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