New Zealand is really close to Australia.

Change of plans. Today is Hug an Australian Day. I had planned this day out back (outback haha I’ve got jokes) in January when this blog was just a little baby. There was a girl that worked at a church in Norman who was from Australia. She was going to get a hug from a stranger today. A hug that was about 4 months in the making. Well, today rolls around and she moved! What to do?? Australians don’t grow on trees. Especially in Oklahoma. So I brainstormed. I texted Courtlyn. If anyone was going to know someone from Australia it was going to be him.

Low and behold Courtlyn had a solution. Here’s the thing, the hugging candidate is not exactly from Australia. But he is from New Zealand. Let me state it here and now, I am not trying to compare the two, they are very separate countries. However, based on land mass proximity alone, New Zealand is the closest substitute for Australia.

Aussies and Kiwis, I can only assume, don’t like being mistaken for each other and I’m not here to start a turf war. But work with me today! I live in Oklahoma. That is not close to Australia. At all. And Russell Crowe backed out at the last second from Hug an Australian Day and I was in a pickle. Sorry.

Just out of curiosities sake, I Google maps’ed my address to P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney, Australia. The results were hilarious. Apparently there wasn’t a plane option, so it calculated my time in a combination of driving and kayaking. Yes, you heard me kayaking. Kayaking across the Pacific Ocean.

Thanks Google Maps.

It also has me kayaking from Hawaii to Japan and Japan to Australia. No wonder my expected travel time was 55 days and 18 hours and I was only traveling 15,424 miles!  I’ve decided to forgo my current job search and kayak to Australia. Fun fact: I can do an Eskimo roll in a kayak and a wet exit. Or at least I used to be able to.

So it’s 11:23 p.m. I am yet to hug the New Zealander. It might not happen before midnight. So I’m posting now. But it’s in the works. I will update my hugging picture as soon as humanly possible. Thanks for understanding.


Stalking a New Zealander I don’t know.



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2 responses to “New Zealand is really close to Australia.

  1. I’m from New Zealand, I am impressed with your knowledge of the ‘little brother syndrome’ we suffer from in regards to Australia. Therefore I am pleased that we are seen as an equal substitute for a much larger and frustratingly more successful sibling.
    So, consider it a success, this kiwi says, “Hug recieved on Australia day!”
    Win. 🙂

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