On my way home.

I’m leaving the thunder game right now. I’ll blog when I get home.


Thunder Up

Ps: round two!

I’m home safe and sound. The Thunder game was incredible. Absolutely incredible. I decided at the last minute to get tickets and go and my ticket was only $40. My sweet friends were kind enough to let me ride with them to the game and even ended up sitting with me! Prior to the game we had $3 burgers and $2 beers. It was insanely cheap.

The game was outstanding. I have been to some really fun sporting events. The OU/Texas Tech game three years ago. OU/Texas this year. But this Thunder game was potentially one of the most exciting events. First of all, it’s so good for Oklahoma City to have a professional sports team. It’s boosting the economy. It’s bringing people together. Ok, so I work at the Chamber of Commerce and I am currently very pro OKC.

However, I really underestimated what time I would be getting back to Norman. I figured I would get back around 11:20 p.m., plenty of time to blog quickly. I was wrong. I got back at 12:20 a.m. And then I got to chatting and now I’m blogging. I apologize for my lack of time awareness. My handy-dandy WordPress iPhone app helped out immensely.

Now for the holiday. It’s Morse Code Day!! Morse Code is the dot and line system that was used for telegrams way back when, way back when what… I don’t know, just way back when. My sister sent me Thunder Up in Morse Code while I was at the game. I laughed. She is sort of hilarious.

– …. ..- -. -.. . .-. / ..- .–. translation: Thunder up.

To me, Morse Code is like auditory Braille. Am I right? Am I right? I’m right. The website that translated that for me also played the audio of what it would sound like. Ok, fine. Here’s the link. I’m the link!

Feel free to send people messages in Morse Code. Here’s a fun story! When I was in high school I took German as my foreign language. It was insane. My teacher was a riot and the people in my classes definitely “German Club Kids”. However, my teacher would let us watch any show that had any German relation or that we found dubbed in German. For instance, we watched Sound of Music in both English and German, we watched Back to the Future in both English and German, we watched a lot of Hogan’s Heroes and we watched U-571. U-571 is about German U-boats in World War II. Matthew McConaughey is the lead. But in that movie, someone gets captured. They tap on the side of the submarine in Morse Code so the other ship can hear them. So there you have it folks, Morse Code!

And now I leave you a secret message!

-… . / … ..- .-. . / – — / -.. .-. .. -. -.- / -.– — ..- .-. / — …- .- .-.. – .. -. .


Secret messages are the coolest.


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  1. Marcia

    So jealous!! We watched the game on television and thought how exciting it would’ve been to be at the Thunder arena last night. What a riot!

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