Guest Blogging

My dear father is blogging for me today. I have things to tell you about bicycles, but I just don’t have time. I’ll explain later. So my dear dad is blogging about what he knows about bikes. So here goes nothing! I’m not sure when he’ll update but it should be hilarious.


Busiest and funnest day ever.

It’s me…the Dad that uses the dot dot dots.  I’ll try to spare you from the insane punctuation, but no promises…

Kate called and asked if I would be her guest blogger…little did I know she was already refused by at least one other family member.  It’s sad to realize that you’re a third or fourth stringer, longing to come into the game on a moments notice…

It’s Bicycle day.  While usually that would be a yawner for me, I’ve actually had a notable encounter with a bike today.

I was  hurrying to the post office today to get a couple letters mailed. I was hurried cause I had a lunch date with Sister Abby at a very greasy diner we call Murphy’s.  I noticed a block ahead there was a fender bender in the intersection so I took a quick detour to avoid the mayhem. While zipping around the block, out flew a guy on a bike. I slowed, he cut me off, he offered a drugged glance.  I laughed three ways…he was sporting a wife-beater and really short cut-off jeans, he was at least 35, he rode a bike with a banana seat and high handle bars. I guess if your going to ride a bike at 35 that’s how you should do it.  Classic.

ps.  It was weirdo day at Murphys…saw the most gigantic example of cankles today (you know when the calf and ankle merge as one); I tried to make conversation with the overworked busboy (girl) and was snubbed; Saw three inches of buttcrack in the waiting area.  You should try the place…it’s really good.

It’s fourth quarter, gotta go see who the Thunder are going to beat next.


Always the bridesmaid and never the bride…

pss.  Cankles may run in our family…but not from my side…



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4 responses to “Guest Blogging

  1. Will

    What a great post! Move over Kate – there’s a new blogger in town.

  2. Oh guest blogger . . . that is a low blow! Cancles DO NOT run in our family.

    Bloated bellies? Yes. Cancles? Definitely not.

  3. I am thrilled Steve was the first guest blogger. I was set to guest blog a few weeks ago but it failed miserably, plus Steve does the ellipses far better than I ever could.
    I want to eat at Murphys

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