Brother and Sister Day

I realize that my May list has yet to be posted. It’s been a busy couple of days. I’m sorry. But today is Brother and Sister Day! Good thing I have one of each of those. Abby and Tom. They are both hilarious. And fun.

They are cool.

She is cute.

King of Cool.

I grew up in a family where being was hilarious was as awesome as good grades. My family has a really great sense of humor. In turn, that is ingrained in my siblings. I constantly laugh with my brother and sister.

No one can make me laugh like Abby can. Snorts when she laughs, which makes me laugh harder. She says hilarious things. Gets confused about words. And I just love her. She laughs like a muppet and I just adore that. She has been the happiness of the family since she was little.

When we were kids, my dad used to tell her bedtime stories about two kids. There names were Goofer and Jofie. She was Goofer, I was Jofie. Goofer stories were a huge hit at our house. When Tom was born he became Pee Wee. Some times she still gets called Goofer.

Tom Beard is one of the greatest humans in all the land. He is witty and funny and has very little shame about his awesomeness. He shows me his abs on the regular. I really like him. He pretends not to like to hug me goodbye when I go back to Norman, but I know he really wants to.

I have one really great Tom Beard story. One time, last fall, I was home. I was sitting at the kitchen counter minding my own business when Tom says the following:

Tom Beard: Hey Kate!
Me: Yeah?
Tom Beard: You got a boyfriend?
Me: No…
Tom Beard: Ha. You’re going to be a lonely sap.

Awesome. I couldn’t help but laugh. Tom Beard is awesome.

My favorite Abby story (she is going to kill me for this) but she has issues with words sometimes. She, until fairly recently, thought that the underwater boats used for sneaking were called sumbarines. That’s not a typo. She also asked about brain transplants one time…. With that being said, she is very cool and smart and know lots of things about a lot of things.

Moral of the story, I love Abby and Tom. I am so excited to go to Disney world with them in less than a month. I think they are just the coolest.





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2 responses to “Brother and Sister Day

  1. can i go to disneyworld? maybe going with Tom Beard would make me feel less jaded and sad about the rampant commercialism and pricey food.

  2. Aunt Barbara

    Abby DOES laugh like a muppet!!

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