I love the Thunder.

I’m at another Thunder game! Update when I get home? Deal.


My name is Serge Ibaka and I am from Congo.

Update: These Thunder games are really cramping my blogging style. I do apologize, what am I supposed to do, not go? I don’t think so. (Use George Banks voice when he is at the hospital–do I know you?) I love the Thunder. I’m getting more and more attached to them. I’m actually really sad that I probably won’t be in OKC next year and won’t have a chance to go to a game.

With all of that being said, I did get a Serge Ibaka shirt tonight. I sort of love him. But I sort of love all of them. I had a crush on Nick Collison when he played at Kansas. I love saying Sefalosha. I think Kendrick Perkins could beat the crap out of anything that looked at him wrong. Westbrook’s Ozarka commercials make me die laughing every time they are on. James Harden has a killer beard. And you know how I feel about beard jokes! Eric Maynor always makes me calm down for some reason. And Byron Mullens looks like a serial killer/rapist/character on SVU. I realized tonight that I am older than Serge Ibaka and James Harden. For whatever reason that is strange to me. I feel like they are way cooler and older than I am.

Anyway, on with the celebration. It’s Make-a-Book Day, which is ironic, because that’s sort of what I do everyday. I write one chapter of my 365 chapter non-existent book. If this never gets turned into a real life book that you can buy in the store, I think I’m going to have it printed and bound for myself. It will probably cost a fortune, but 365 days of accomplishments is kind of a big deal. It will also be interesting to see exactly what I did everyday for one year.

Speaking of, I wanted to tell you about other books/journals that I use. I didn’t make them, but I’m making them mine. The first one is Line A Day Journal. Each day I have 5 lines to fill in. Each page is dated at the top and there is a place for 5 entries below it. The idea is that you use one entry per page. When you finish year one you move to the second space. It’s very cool. I started mine last October 4th. That was right after OU/Texas weekend, where I purchased my journal. I have written in it every night. Here are some excerpts from my days. Some days are thinks that I don’t want people to ever see. Other days are just hilarious.

October 27: 1st time I saw my breath. Woo! Fall time!

November 4: It’s like jumping into a pool with your eyes closed. I know its going to be cold, but I have to do it.- M. Hays

December 7: Joy- The emotion of great delight or affection. To be intoxicated with love and generous with laughter. Live with a joyful heart, create bliss, and let your heart overflow with happiness.

December 9: I have a problem and it’s name is coats.

December 11: I have my New Year’s resolution. Celebrate one obscure holiday everyday for one year. Document my quest via blog. Thecelebrationist.wordpress.com

December 24: Abby told Tome the tenderloin was a human leg. He believed her and refused to eat it. BEST CHRISTMAS EVE EVER!

February 15: I need to stop loving pizza so much and start loving running a little.

April 26: My Life is a swirling tornado of unknowns.

I love getting to write one or two sentences in my Line a Day. Someday I’ll have 5 years worth of things. The other journal I write in is called Simple Diary. Each page asks you different questions and makes you fill in blanks. They are always pithy and fun. I love it. I don’t have to think about what I’m going to say about the day, I just write according to what the page tells me to write. It’s sort of a nice break from 700 words of my day that I post on here.

So I’m sort of making two different books. Each journal is being filled up by me, with me thoughts and secrets. (Don’t kid yourself, there are that many secrets in there). So there’s that. I’m writing two books. Cool.


Currently at 729 words.

Ps: I drove right past the Thunder players leaving the OKC Arena tonight. Westbrook was pulling out right as I drove by. I could have slammed my car into his, but I doubt he would have been happy about. Or maybe I’m wrong. Maybe we were supposed to fall in love tonight and I blew it.


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