May the 4th be with you.

I could not be more pleased about today’s celebration. It’s Star Wars Day of course! I love Star Wars. I am a huge nerd when it comes to anything remotely science fiction, call me Captain Jane Way. So on this day of greatness, I decided the best way to celebrate would be quoting the movies. Duh. I also have some a friend who made a really great Star Wars vs. Lord of the Rings video on YouTube. I’ve mentioned it before, but once just doesn’t seem like enough times. So here it is again, in case you wanted to get your nerd on, which I’m sure you did.

I am literally obsessed with this video. Set your blaster guns to stun, these aren’t the droids you’re looking for said Obi-Wan. That’s that first line. Could life get better? Usually I would say no, but I would be wrong. There is a question I want to ask the most, TK-421 why aren’t you at your post? I’m telling you it’s genius. I know this subject is somewhat of a taboo, but Anakin and Padme got married on Naboo. And the best line of all: He’s bald, he meditates, he dresses like a Hindu, he wields a purple light saber, he’s Mace Windu. I’m telling you this is the nerdiest thing of all, but you will love it!. When Ani meets Padme he didn’t even phase her, until she saw the chrome shining on his pod racer.

I love Star Wars. I love that when Leia tells Han that she loves him right before he gets frozen in Carbonite she says, “I love you.” His response, “I know.” What a man!!! That has got to be the manliest response of all time. I would be fine with that response. I need to have a Star Wars marathon. I actually have all the time in the world. I don’t have anything to do until a week from tomorrow when I take my very last final of college and I am completely finished with all things educational.

So if anyone is up for a movie marathon this weekend let me know. I’m totes down.


She’s blonde, she celebrates, she doesn’t have a tattoo.

PS: May the 4th be with you.


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  1. Wools

    We had a big celebration down here in Albuquerque. Wookie Cookies, C-Pep-Si-O drink products, pictures with storm troopers… it was awesome. Great holiday!

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