Sock Free

I didn’t even think about putting socks on today. It’s No Socks Day by golly!

Here are my thoughts on socks. I like them. But the second that they get stretched out and weird I hate them. I buy new socks a lot. They have to have a certain fit. Tight. White. Soft. Loose socks are for wierdos. And I’m no weirdo.

In honor of not wearing socks, I painted my toenails. It’s a pretty pretty pink color. It’s Essie, which I feel bad about. I am usually an only OPI kind of girl. I feel like I’m cheating on my nail polish brands. But alas they are now icy pink.

I like it.

Which brings me to my next point, WHERE DO SOCKS GO?

I buy a lot of socks, yet my amount of socks does not increase. But at the same time I don’t throw any socks away. I’m just looking for answers here people. I’m just trying to solve the worlds problems. But really, if you know about the socks let me know.

My last comment on no socks. Chelsie hates socks of all kind. She doesn’t like them at all. She refuses to wear them around the house. She gets weirded out when other people wear socks. I don’t know what her deal is, but I like her. I like her quite a lot.

Sidenote: Jimmy Dean sausage commercials make me laugh. Everytime I see them I just imagine the people getting into those costumes. The moon guy awkwardly trips, rainbow girl has to shimmy inside, the sun guy already had on his costume because he’s just that guy. Just thought you should know how my brain works.

In other news, I did something today sort of out of character. I was very fun and very creative and I’m fairly certain I made someone smile.


Concerned About Socks


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One response to “Sock Free

  1. Mr. Tumnus

    I can’t help it. I love socks…

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