Room Cleaning Habits

Here’s the thing. I am really good at cleaning shared spaces. However, if the space is mine and mine alone I am not super good at keeping it clean. I just deal with my cluttered piles. And my laundry. It’s just what I do. I’m not proud of it. But alas, it is me.

So I was really dreading cleaning my room today. But I did. I folded my towels. Put away my clothes that needed to be hung up. I dusted. I cleaned my bathroom. I cleaned up my closet. (I really need to clean it out and give a million things away.) I took my cups to the sink. Etc etc.

Graduation is on Saturday and I figured my family would be at my house. So I cleaned. Boring, I know.

Cleaning holidays are right up there with animal holidays for me. They don’t come naturally. But I do these things for you.

I had a really cool day and I want to tell you all about it, except it’s sort of the celebration for May 18th. So I’m saving it. Let’s just say I went on a 4th grade field trip and I had a blast. I will tell you a few things about my adventure.

When talking to 4th graders, they really have no concept of college. At all. Case and point, the questions I was asked today.

“Do you have to go to college on Saturday and Sunday?” No small child, I do not. In fact, this semester I didn’t even go to school on Monday or Friday. I thought it was hilarious their concept of college. I was talking to another kid, one of my brother’s friends that I’ve known since he was 4, and he found out I graduated this week. I got the following question.

“Well, what are you going to be after?” Funny you should ask that, I don’t really know. I don’t have a job yet. It’s not that easy. “Well, what did you learn about in college?” Hmm… Public Relations. “What does that mean?” Well… Let’s see… Umm… Ok, if you had a new toy that was really awesome and you wanted everyone to know about it, I would tell them.

4th grade Public Relations is fun.

And lastly, I have a new love. A natural true love. It’s what I like to call Pop Ice. Delicious Pop Ice. A million flavors. in one bag. Haunting your freezer. Calling your name when you walk in the door. Taunting you with decisions. Green is my favorite flavor. Green is a flavor you know. Tonight I had to get bold and try the yellow one. Yellow is a hard flavor. It can go one of two ways. Banana or Pineapple. Artificial banana flavoring is absolutely THE worst flavor in the entire world. Good news, the yellows in my freezer aren’t banana.


You can have all of my banana Runts.


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