Limerick Day!!

I like poems as much as the next guy. But I get a little anxious when I’m required to write the poems I get a little awkward. Me? Awkward? Never! So I will try my hardest to write you a limerick. But my desire to be hilarious is hindered by the rhyming requirement. Which is really the entire point of a poem. So… I’m going to try my hardest. I’m also going to use a rhyming dictionary, I’m not trying to be Dr. Seuss here. Another thing, limericks always start out with there once was… I’m going to try and avoid that.

The writing of poems is awkward.
I’m quite certain this I have slaughtered.
I only write blogs.
And scholarly logs.
My poem debut has been squandered.

Boom. Limerick professional. Sort of. Not a whole lot rhymes with awkward. Well not literally, ‘not a whole lot’ rhymes with ‘I bought a robot’, but you get the idea.

You are also getting this blog almost 5 hours ahead of when I’m usually posting things. What a happy little day! Let’s see what else I’ve got in my poetry cache.

Until I get a job I will be….
Stuck in adulthood purgatory.
I’ve applied all around.
And nothing I’ve found.
Someone will eventually hire me.

Turns out, I’m abandoning this blog and writing strictly poetry. Oh wait, that would be insanely terrible, but probably hilarious.

Sidenote: I’m watching SNL reruns. The sketch ‘What Up With That?’ is on. Now I’m not a big Al Gore fan. Sorry to crush your dreams of my potential liberal mindset (I hate animals remember). But the fact that Gore participates in this outrageous skit makes me laugh every time. He also makes the best ‘Why did my publicist sign me up for this? No amount of book publicity is worth this nonsense.’ face.

Well that’s what I have for you today. Two limericks and some nonsense.


Robots aren’t cheap.


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One response to “Limerick Day!!

  1. becky armstrong

    Andy’s clown makes my day! So does Jason Sedekis and his gold chain.

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