Just to say I love you.

Today is Calling Just to Say I Love You Day. All the people I talked to today are people I love.

Today isn’t going to be exciting or extensive. I got surprised yesterday. I don’t do well with anticipating surprises. But this was a real life surprise. One of the best actually. But I graduate tomorrow and I’ve sort of been enjoying my last weekend as a student in Norman. And due to that fact, the blog suffers. I’m sorry l promise I like you. Tomorrow will be better. But please know that every person I talked
to on the phone today I loved. So there’s that. If I talked to you today, wink face.


Thanks for the surprise.



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2 responses to “Just to say I love you.

  1. Sister Abby

    I’m proclaiming myself the winner.. I bet no one else texted you all the lyrics to ‘friday’ we we we so excited.

  2. Charlene

    I think I talked to you yesterday, but it might have been the day before. Either way I’m counting it…wink wink… Glad you liked your surprise! Happy Graduation, Kate, and I love you too.

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