Marshmallow Fluff

I am a swirling ball of marshmallow fluff. I’m really sorry the past few days have been ridiculously short. Monday night, I’ll make it up to you.

But I love marshmallow fluff as the next guy. I sort of feel like fluff after graduation. Oh I graduated today. It was like totally awesome. Actually it was great my friend Renee is amazingly talented at Journalism. She was the outstanding senior of our class. She spoke today and good news she mentioned the blog!!!!! The Celebrationist made an appearance at graduation. I couldn’t have asked for a more deserving girl to speak to our class and parents. She is truly talented and the fact that she mentioned my blog was such an honor. I was more excited about her mentioning me than being in the paper.

But back to the fluff. I’m now fluff. I don’t really know whats next. I’m graduated with no job, which means I’m fluff. I’m ok with that. I’ll be fluffy for a while.

My whole family came for graduation. I was so excited to have everyone there. We went to an amazing restaurant. Go figure. I love food. Chelsie actually compared me to a pre-schooler the other day based on the fact that my moods are influenced by how pleased I am with my meals. I was so happy tonight to say the least.

My graduation surprise is still the awesome.


Graduated, happy as a clam, still surprised and fluffy for now.

Ps: longer than I thought. And now I have arthritis.


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