Sea Monkeys

So I love Sea Monkeys. I really do. They are one of my most favorite things in all the land. As a child, I have had countless tanks of sea monkeys. And as my years went by, I acquired a reputation. I became known as the greatest sea monkey cultivator of all time. My sea monkeys had insane survival rates. They were practically crawling out of the tank by time I was running out of food. That’s right… I had them so long I ran out of the provided food.

I understand that you might be concerned with my ability to raise freeze-dried krill to adulthood, but everyone needs a hobby. If only I could raise sea monkeys by the trillions and then sell them to whales. That seems pretty profitable.

One time Tom Beard had sea monkeys. I know my way around the sea monkey tank, so I wasn’t going to let him kill my hobby and my dreams. I was leaving town for a couple of days and I left him a note. Just some basic sea monkey instructions. It said something along the lines of, “Dear Tom, Don’t feed the sea monkeys today I already fed them. If you have any questions call me.” I am a giant crazy person and I realize this.

I tried to buy sea monkeys twice today. I went to Walmart and I could only find actual fish and Walgreens didn’t deliver either. Asking the man at Walgreens if they carried sea monkeys was awkward. The guy was confused, I was disappointed. But I know that Hobby Lobby has them so that’s where you can find me tomorrow. They were already closed today. I never need to go to Hobby Lobby during their regular business hours, just late evening and Sundays.

So now for an explanation of my weekend. I neglected you. I’m sorry, feel free to call child services. But I have my reasons. It was graduation. My family was here. I got super surprised by someone that makes me smile. I was having more fun than I knew what to do with.

Over the course of the weekend, I went to all my places in Norman. And by places I mean my restaurants. I went to Fuzzy’s, The Mont, Gray Owl and Victoria’s. I have other places, but these are the ones that I will miss the most. I like sharing my places with my people. Here are some pictures from my weekend of awesomeness.

I hate that stupid hat.

I went to Chelsie's graduation party!


Moral of the story, I am as happy as a clam.

On top of all of that happiness, I bought new shoes I’m in love with. I went to Game 7 of the Thunder. I ate at the art museum cafe in OKC for dinner. I went to the most patriotic places in OKC. I am going on two different week long vacations in the next 2 and a half weeks. I had the best month previous to all of this. I’m still looking for a job in Chicago, I still feel like fluff, I still feel like my days are a jigsaw puzzle, but I think I’ve found some of the edge pieces and things are starting to fit together.

I am again sorry that I let the blog go for a few days. I’ll try to keep that to a minimum, but occasionally a diversion (A Diversion!) comes my way and I have the greatest weekend on Earth.

I do love chocolate chips and marshmallow fluff. Semi-sweet chocolate chips are one of my favorite snacks and I don’t think anything is better than hot rice krispie treats. I’m back to writing things for you.


Blissfully and permanently distracted.


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  1. Will

    Good to have you back. Next time you have a crazy weekend please allow Dr. Steve to fill your shoes. I don’t think I’m alone in thinking that he rocked his previous writing assignment.

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