Here’s the thing. I love cake. I love cake as much as the next guy, but chocolate cake doesn’t really do it for me. Which brings me to my point, why did I pick Devil’s Food Cake Day as my celebration? I’m in charge here. I pick the lists. I make the decisions. I must have been delusional about today’s celebration.

When eating dessert I always choose the fruity option. In fact, last weekend I had pineapple soup for dinner. It was just delightful. But I never choose chocolate. I am a dessert sharer. I’m an all parts of the meal sharer, but especially dessert. So I usually get to try more than one thing. It’s a genius system. Chocolate is just usually not involved.

So devil’s food cake. What is it? What makes it so much more sinful and full of terror than any other cake? Do you think angel food cake and devil’s food cake sit on the shelf together discussing their different approaches to life? Why does devil’s food cake get to be possessive? Since it is possessive does that mean it’s actually made of the devil’s food? What does his diet consist of? Is he on Atkins? I ponder these things. You know the really important and usually vital to my life sort of things.

I didn’t eat said cake today. I’m not into the devil’s ways. And I’m also not into chocolate cake. I’m sorry.

But I am watching the Thunder be amazing! Sorry boutcha Dirk. By the way, in the off chance than Serge Ibaka reads this, I need you to know that I sort of love you. In a I think you have the maddest of skills sort of way.

And starting Saturday I’ll be blogging on the road. In fact, for the next two weeks I’ll be blogging elsewhere. Disney World will be involved. I will be a party. Literally. I’m jazzed.

Sorry I boycotted chocolate cake. I won’t boycott strawberries and cream tomorrow.


Fear the Beard


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