I have fear.

I have a fear of giving blood. A large spooky fear of pain coupled with the fear of passing out. Not that I have a reason to be scared. I’m not scared of needles and I’m not scared of blood. But for whatever reason I am terrified to give blood. Today is American Red Cross Day and for the past few days I’ve been talking about giving blood. However, I was going to be traveling so I didn’t want to do it the day before I was flying. And now that I’m here in Charleston, giving blood isn’t really on the agenda. Things that are on the agenda: being awesome, spending time with my favorite family other than mine, spending time with someone I care about and having more fun than I know what to do with.

So here’s the thing. Since I freaked myself out about giving blood. I will talk about things that I love. What’s the connection between blood and love you ask? Blood and hearts. Hearts and love. Love and the things I love just goes hand in hand.

First off, I’m in Charleston with a family that I consider my second family. So I love that, and them. I had one of the most delicious meals. (Dad, you knew you would be über jealous.) I get to be here for 8 days. I am going to Disney World directly following this excursion. The Thunder are in the West Finals. Serge Ibaka. I love all of the previous things. All of them. I’m talking to you Serge.

But I do want to give blood. I want to conquer my fear. Another driving force of my desire to give blood is to find out my blood type. I haven’t a clue what type of blood I have. I’m chronically nosey, you see. So finding this out is vital to my functioning as a human.

As much as I don’t like anticipating surprises, I do like being involved in surprising people. Part of the reason I’m in Charleston is to see my friend who is finally home from the military. Finally. He was über (second usage of that tonight, sorry) surprised to see me standing in his kitchen de-stemming spinach like a pro. I haven’t seen him in one entire year (that’s way before The Celebrationist was born in case you were wondering).

So today has been a very good day. Full of love and fun. I was also in an airport and you know how I feel about airports. It was such a perfect day. I hearted it, to say that least.

Giving blood is a wonderful cause. If you are interested in finding out more information about giving blood please visit the American Red Cross website. Oh, you don’t know the website? Good thing this is a link!!! 



PS: the clammiest.



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2 responses to “I have fear.

  1. Sister Abby

    you are clam dip with an extra can of clams. i hope you have fun, pegasus.

    ps, mystical creatures are the theme of the week for my little soul. preparing for disney of course!

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