dis gonna be da best food ebba.

Well folks, Neighbor Day has finally arrived. I’ve been waiting for this day for since I made the list for May. Well that’s a typo, but it rhymed so whateves, it gets to stay. And I’m sure at least one of you has a neighbor that likes to rhyme or freestyle or something along those lines.

The celebration was kicked off properly with a gospel choir at church. It was just delightful and the lady that sang seemed like she was probably a really great neighbor. She was sassy to say the least.

In honor of Neighbor Day we, we being Sean and I, decided to celebrate our neighbors to the South. Mexico that is! We had a fiesta!! AY AY AY! And when I have fiestas, they usually involve copious amounts of fantastic food.

SIDENOTE: Chelsie knows me better than most people. She understands my faults. She understands when I get fussy. She knows how to fix it. Food. She has to feed me. She has to feed me something delicious. The past two weeks I have been sort of sad. We are both moving away and getting old. Anytime I was fussy she would call me and we would go to dinner somewhere that I love. She would usually suggest sushi or tacos, Fuzzy’s Tacos. She rules. She lives in Dallas now. Far far away from me. But that’s ok. She’s still wonderful. Especially because she feeds me to make me happy. I’m like a 5-year-old.

Back to my neighborly celebration!!

We spent the afternoon making the greatest dinner. I chopped a lot of stuff. Not broccoli, but a lot of stuff. Onions, tomatoes, tomatoes, (You say tomato I say tomato. It’s a shame how that doesn’t work via blog.), olives, peppers, jicama, cilantro, garlic, carrots, limes, chicken and sea bass. Moral of that story is we were using a lot of stuff. Cool. Sean repeated the phrase, “dis gonna be da best food ebba” often today. Looks like Tupac was right after all.

We started with ceviche. I heart ceviche with my whole heart. If I see it on a menu I am basically required to order it. It was outstanding. It was eaten in a matter of minutes. Our neighbors to the South would have been so proud/jealous that we dominated their cuisine. Sean made chicken escabeche. It’s a recipe from Rick Bayless. Oh? You want to know who he is so you can have a neighborly afternoon too? Ok fine. Here. I can promise you 100% that not a single thing on that website will disappoint. You can make it for your neighbors. I suggest a chicken dish perhaps.

In the midst of making this fiesta of food, I took a much needed siesta. It was a good nap. I’m good at naps. Kate Beard: Napping Specialist. I’m printing the business cards tomorrow.

It was the most satisfying meal. We sat on the back porch. We had delicious wine. We feasted on our most glorious neighborly inspired meal. I was happy as a clam. Which has been my mood for the majority of the last month. And now we are watching the Bulls/Heat game. Most of the players seem like rather neighborly folks.

And that’s that.


Chopping brocco-lay

PS: I had a sample of watermelon at the grocery store today. I still hate it. Figures.

PPS: Neumann, your neighbors in the Keeg would have been pleased with our celebrations.



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3 responses to “dis gonna be da best food ebba.

  1. Kryn

    How could you hate watermelon?????

  2. Charlene

    Once again you made me laugh out loud. Well done.
    Oh…and dinner was…..
    the best food ebba.

  3. …….we could have been neighbors….

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