Lucky Penny

Is it Lucky Penny Day? Yes. Do I have a lucky penny? Yes. Did I find it in my purse? Yes. Is it from 1921? Yes.

Here’s the finding of my lucky penny story: once upon a time, in downtown OKC I was going to lunch. I reached into my purse for some change to pay the meter (that I ended up getting a ticket from) and BOOM. Lucky penny was discovered.

And then I started pondering all the places that this penny has been. I started thinking what this penny has been alive for: WWII, the Berlin Wall being built and torn down, the miracle hockey game with the US and Russia, J. R. R. Tolkien started writing novels, said novels were turned into movies, my birth. This penny has seen a lot of action.

It would make a cool book, telling the story of where this penny had been and the people that have had it in their pocket. It sounds like the greatest dramedy of all time. Maybe I’ll write it. You are from this point on not allowed to snatch this idea from me. Deal? Deal.

A picture will be accompanying this post soon. Now this penny sits in my antique tin I got in England (yes, I know we beat them) that holds my earrings.


I said dramedy and meant it.


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