I like nerds

It’s Nerd Pride Day. But here’s the thing, I’m on a date of sorts. I’m at a really great sushi place and then I’m going to a movie. And I have on my first date dress. As much as I want you all here with me, I really don’t. I owe you a few updates. And you will get them. But let me enjoy this date. I will tell you all about my love of nerdy things soon. Cool


I promise not to break curfew.



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2 responses to “I like nerds

  1. stbdds

    Curfew?…eastern or central time?…

  2. Sister Abby

    mine is still midnight..
    who are you on a date with?!
    ha, joke.
    I’m on a date with my math book!
    finals rock, so do nerds.

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