Change of desserts

I replaced Blueberrry Cheesecake Day with Cherry Pie Day. I went to a friend of mine’s 90th birthday party. We had a delicious dinner and cherry pie for dessert.

I’m not about to argue with a birthday girl about her choices so I made a change of plans. Blueberry cheesecake was no where to be found anyway.

I got to meet the birthday girl’s sweet sister and her nieces and all her people. It was a huge honor to crash a family get together. I had so much fun. I’ve been going to some really birthday parties lately and I’m not mad about it.

I hope that when I am 90 I am as happy and as well dressed as the birthday girl today.

Anyway, the cherry pie I had today was perfect. It was homemade and tasty. The crust was perfect. The cherries weren’t too tart and they weren’t too sweet. I usually don’t even like cherry pie, but this was delightful. Especially with the ice cream I had on top of it.

And that’s that.


Congratulations Roxie on 90 years of wonderful life and family!


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One response to “Change of desserts

  1. kryn

    I had blueberrys, cheese and cake, so I celebrated it. Starbucks Cake pops are delish! 🙂

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