Pop Ice

I love pop ice. More than any other popsicle. If you recall, during finals week I ate an astronomical amount of pop ices. Green. Green is where it’s at.

But today is Grape Popsicle Day. Good thing Sean has pop ice and I got a grape pop ice today. Pop ices make the world go round.

I know I’ve been promising pictures (and you will get them) but I’m on a vacation. A really great vacation. One that I didn’t know was going to last this long. But good news, I still celebrate on vacation.

Here’s the thing, I always celebrate, but then I tell you about my day. And right now my day consists of karaoke at a fin bar. By the by, I heart karaoke. Observing. Not participating. There are only a handful of songs that I would sing. Duet wise I would sing Picture by Kid Rock and Cheryl Crow. Solo wise I would sing anything Dixie Chicks, just in case you needed to know. Or in case you really wanted to embarrass me.

And now I’m going to have fun.


I have a love/hate relationship with Kid Rock.


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One response to “Pop Ice

  1. not to get all “im your publicist” on you but this book’s gonna be weird when the fifth month of it is only contained in one single paragraph………
    just saying. get to celebrating.

    ps: i want ceviche now

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